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Himalayan Salt Lamps


Benefits of Himalayan Salt Products

Himalayan salt lamps, when warm, release negative ions into the air, which negate positive ions, allowing the salt lamp to act as an air purifier. The salt attracts and absorbs moisture, acting almost like a sponge, allowing dirt, pollen and other toxins to become trapped.  The heat from the light bulb dries the moisture and leaves the salt refreshed.

Scientists have admitted that there is plausible cause to support the theory that Himalayan salt has health benefits as well as the potential to improve mood and sleep patterns. There is also a persuasive argument that placing a Himalayan Salt lamp near your computer may reduce electromagnetic smog.  Here at Tushita Heaven, we have heard many personal stories from folks who have shared their experiences with us.  The benefits of these salts lamps goes beyond science.

 Caring for your Himalayan Salt Lamp: 

It is rare, but possible for your salt lamp to “weep”.  Depending upon how humid your environment is, the salt can reach a saturation level and release the extra water.  In order to protect your furniture, place the lamp on a waterproof surface. (I have mine on a decorative plate) Salt is corrosive and if your lamp weeps, it could mar your furniture.  It is rare for this to happen, but take precaution until you feel confident.  Having said that, if you leave the lamp on 24 hours a day, weeping shouldn’t occur.

The health benefits of your Himalayan Salt Lamp are dependent upon the lamp being warm, so be sure to use a light bulb with enough wattage to keep the lamp warm to the touch, but not hot.

It is important to have a “right” size lamp for the job.  A small room may tune up well with a small lamp, but if the room is larger, you may need more than one lamp to feel the effects.