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Barbara  Allen

Intuitive Consultant  &  Past Life Regression Practitioner.

Even when I was a little girl I thought psychic work was special and magical. A competent practitioner could then and can now help people in a unique way. I've been happily utilizing my abilities in this profession for more than 19 years as my intuitive gifts enable me to 'see' into a person's being very clearly. As a reader I offer perceptive and insightful guidance that can make a positive difference in how you see yourself and in living a richer life.
During a big picture reading I receive and relay the information you need now, describe with compassion and respect the larger energetic pattern taking place in your life and highlight your gifts, abilities and traits that can assist you in navigating any challenges you're facing. You'll also receive practical suggestions you can immediately implement. Other types of readings are also available.
I offer other types of therapeutic work beyond readings if indicated or requested: Past Life Regression(s) and Spiritual Mentoring.
In every case, all of the work is all about love.
It is my very great joy and blessing to offer Intuitive Readings whether I already know you or not. I love the soul-to-soul connection of face-to-face, phone and internet (via Skype) readings. I am honored to assist as you receive those 'aha' moments insights that bring relief and healing to you and can lead to your soul's expansion
Barbara is Available for readings at Tushita Heaven on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  Additional days are often available by appointment.  Click on the schedule now button to see Barbara's full schedule.

Rate: $2.00 per minute: 30 minute minimum. 

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Brittany Johnson

Numerology & Tarot Reader

Yogic numerology is a universal and holistic approach to using your birth date to connect you numerically to your true essence, allowing one to see themselves more clearly.  Brit's unique approach to numerology readings awakens the soul, the 10 bodies and the chakras.

Each person has significant and unique numbers associated with their life.  By studying these numbers and the symbols created by their patterns, Brit can help you understand your strengths, obstacles, talents, challenges, real-time path, and your life-path destination.  With this knowledge, one may engage in life with more grace, understanding and acceptance of the nuances that may have seemed challenging prior to this eye-opening numerology reading.

Yogic numerology is fun and an inquisitive way to approach your life and journey.

As an empathic healer and intuitive psychic, Brit brings extensive and wide-ranged talents to Tushita Heaven.  She is also a Master level IET practitioner, author, designer of Yoga Bindis, a licensed esthetician, and she created a yoga school accredited with the Yoga Alliance and is founder of "The Steampunk Yoga." Brit has taught thousands of yoga classes and workshops, but one of her true passions is reading numerology.

Brit is available for readings at Tushita Heaven on Fridays from 1:00pm - 6:00pm.   Click on the schedule now button to book your session.

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