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12 - Sided Vogel Style Wand - F

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12 - Sided Vogel Style Wand - F

3.5" x 1.5" x 1"

Vogel Cut Crystals are tools used in healing efforts for those wishing to transform their lives by generating positive life-force energy.  The cuts of the crystal enable energy to flow through one end in a circular motion, releasing from the other end, amplifying and energizing positive thoughts into energetic beams.  Energy is received through the female (wider) end and transmitted through the male (narrow) end.  It is recommended to hold the wand in your dominant hand.  These crystal wands are infused with the pattern of the tree of life, and are used to send the loving and transformational energies to oneself, or to others with clean, laser like focus.  We suggest programming the wand before use, taking advantage of the master healing energy of the quartz crystal.

12- sided Vogel Wands are used in transformation efforts. They inspire focus on will power and stick-to-itiveness, acting as a laser beam for growth and development.  It has the ability to help you transform spiritual data into physical reality, magnifying its intensity as you open to receive.   It is a major manifestation tool, so be mindful as you present your wishes to the universe, as the sky's the limit when working with this powerful tool.

This Vogel style wand has been cut in Brazil by the Pinto family who were personally taught to create these instruments by Marcel Vogel himself.  Even vogel style wands which do not have the angle specifications set by Marcel, are intense and powerful healing tools. 

Marcel Vogel (1917-1991)

Dr. Marcel Vogel was a research scientist for IBM’s San Jose facility for 27 years.  He received over 100 patents for his inventions during this time.  Among these was the magnetic coating for the 24” hard disc drive systems still in use.  His area of expertise was phosphor technology, liquid crystal systems, luminescence, and magnetics.

In the 1970’s Marcel did pioneering work in the man-plant communication experiments.  This led him to the study of quartz crystals and the creation of a faceted crystal.  Marcel’s research into the therapeutic application of quartz crystals led him to the investigation of the relationship between crystals and water.  He discovered that he could structure water by spinning it around a tuned crystal, altering many of the characteristics of the water and converting it into an information storage system.

Marcel Vogel designed the Vogel Crystal Cut, which allegedly focuses “universal life force” by concentrating it and transforming it to a higher level or vibration. Vogel crystals are said to be cut to the extremely precise angle of 51 degrees 51 minutes and 51 seconds, which is also claimed as the precise angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  The crystal is further designed along the geometry of the Tree Of Life symbol. Its design is said to have come to him in a dream.

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