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Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Gemini, Libra
Numerical Vibration:
Number 4
4.5 - 5 Hardness
clear, green, white, pink

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Apophyllite & Stilbite with Heulandite Cluster - BA5

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Apophyllite & Stilbite with Heulandite Cluster: This cluster is clear with little pieces of peachy Stilbite and Heulandite scattered throughout the entire piece.

5.5" x 5" x 2.5"

Apophyllite is a stone of high consciousness, raising the vibration of its environment. It is a very efficient conductor of energy, thereby making it a wonderful stone for channeling spiritual information.  Meditating with Apophyllite assists in connecting with spirit guides or those from the angelic realm, allowing high level vibrational frequencies to enter through the Crown chakra. Apophyllite is thought to be a good stone for for scrying. It can assist one in accessing the Akashic records and instilling truth while keeping one calm, centered and comfortable in your body while journeying here on earth.

Apophyllite is very effective in building grids.

Stilbite is a gentle stone that increases awareness of the loving universe.  It reminds you that you are part of the ONE consciousness, and induces the vibration of wonder and creativity.  It helps clear chaos from the mind, making it useful for those who feel burdened or overwhelmed.  It eases fear and helps overcome loss.

Stilbite is helpful when astral traveling, as it allows you to reach higher dimensions while holding your feet on the ground.  Using Stilbite during these deep meditations allows you to remember the experience upon your return. 

Because of the calming nature of Stilbite and its ability to quiet the mind, it is helpful to those who suffer from insomnia.

Heulandite is a stone recommended for personal transformation.  It stimulates the reflection of deep internal wisdom, uncovering experiences from past lives that no longer need to be stored in your cellular memory.  Allowing you to clear those memories, you can find peace in the present moment and ease in understanding the meaning of your life.  It brings the hemispheres of the brain into balance.

Heulandite increases psychic awareness, raises vibrational frequencies and encourages spiritual growth through meditation.  It negates self-serving attitudes and brings our consciousness into alignment with Divine Light.  It works with the subtle bodies to clear karmic residue and leaves you feeling present and ready to evolve.

Heulandite has been known to soothe those who suffer from loss or grief.

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