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Throat Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Gemini, Pisces, Aries
Numerical Vibration:
Number 1
7.5 - 8 Hardness
Light Blue
Brazil, India, Canada, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia

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Aquamarine Facet Bracelet

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Aquamarine Facet Bracelet

Quality: A

Size: 6.5 - 7.5 adjustable 

Approximately 37 carats

This bracelet is strung on bead wire with a sterling silver lobster claw closure.  It looks beautiful worn alone, or stacked.  The facets in the beads add shine, and when stacked with our mini power bracelets, the look adds depth and charm to the ensemble.

Aquamarine, a member of the beryl family, is a stone that immediately soothes the soul and calms the emotional waters, bringing a sense of courage to the bearer.  It teaches tolerance of others, putting us at ease in relationships.  It improves the ability to communicate, and releases fears driven by mental chatter.  It eases tensions in negotiations and promotes personal responsible actions. If we feel we have taken on more than we can handle, Aquamarine will help us sort out and discard those parts, which are not ours to complete.

Aquamarine is excellent at opening the throat chakra and removing blockages that have hindered our ability to express ourselves. It gives us the courage and strength to be empowered and authentic, as we remain considerate of others. It teaches discernment and allows us to recognize the truth of the matter as it unfolds. Aquamarine helps us prepare for meditations, promoting a higher state of consciousness.   It intensifies clairvoyant abilities, raises our vibration and holds us to a higher standard.

Sailors often carried Aquamarine as a talisman against drowning.  Hall 1/pg. 67

From The Crystal Bible, "Aquamarine is a stone of courage.  Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind.  Aqua Marine shields the aura and aligns the chakras, clearing the throat chakra and bringing communication from the higher plane.  It also aligns physical and spiritual bodies."

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