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Bahia Jasper Tower - 4

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Bahia Jasper Tower

4.25" x 1.75" x 1"

Bahia Jasper connects us to the Earth, allowing the mother to send organic healing energy up through our feet, filling us with harmonic balance.  With practice, we are able to feed all of our chakras with this quiet sustaining energy.  It reminds us to slow down, take our time, smell the roses and consider others.  It gives us the strength to remain positive during times of adversity and to find the willpower to trust the universe to provide what is needed during times of stress and change. It teaches faith and trust. It brings groups together, encouraging the joining of forces to achieve similar goals. 

The colors of Bahia Jasper run the gamut from green to yellow, orange, pink, purple and all the earth tones.  Each piece is a delightful surprise as the colors can vary dramatically within one specimen.   Therefore, one piece can address several chakra wheels at once. Holding Bahia Jasper immediately initializes peaceful calm and a sense of being safe and understood.

In the metaphysical world, jasper is known to be the “supreme nurturer”.  It assists in bringing all aspects of your life into focus and helps align direction, bridging mind and spirit while highlighting your intention.  It is very helpful to those who wish to help others, effectively creating space within the heart and mind, which allows your intention of service to ignite.

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