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Root Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Aries, Libra, Taurus
Numerical Vibration:
Number 6
4.5 to 6.5 Hardness
Black, Dark Gray
Brazil, India

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Black Kyanite Blade - 1-K

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Black Kyanite Blade

5" x 2.5" x .5" 

Black Kyanite is grounding and protective, but also uplifting and cleansing. It is effective at shifting stagnant energies and helping to move them out of the physical and etheric body.  Beginner crystal enthusiasts will find Black Kyanite easy to work with, as it is warmly enveloping, creating a comfortable safe space, which helps us feel held and nurtured. Advanced crystal workers often agree that this mineral is one of the most effective protective and healing stones in their tool box. Although it is designated as a Root Chakra stone, it works well with all Chakras, and is very effective when placed upon the body, so wearing black kyanite as jewelry is a good idea. It is lovely in the bedroom, offering restful sleep and peaceful dreams.

Black Kyanite helps develop psychic abilities, and may help you understand your innermost subconscious thoughts, allowing you to make those insights useful either in this life-time, or those in the future.  Effective as a cleansing scrub brush for the aura, we suggest using the edges of the wispy wings like a broom to brush away negative vibrations from your etheric field.  Simply sweep gently along your body using gentle outward strokes to slough away energies that do not belong to you.

Healers find Black Kyanite helpful in accessing past lives, healing tears in the etheric shield, and mending discordant energies in chakras. This dynamic stone can work its way from the root to the crown chakras and even up to the soul star, which helps engage the higher-self. it is useful in opening communication with others or solving misunderstandings.

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