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Root Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Scorpio & Sagittarius
Numerical Vibration:
Number 1
5 to 5.5 hardness
Most Countries

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Black Obsidian Double Terminate Wand

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Black Obsidian Double Terminated Wand

Wands measures approximately 4" - 5"  We will choose for you.

Double Terminated wands are excellent tools for restoring energy, cutting cords or for healing work.  The double terminations allow energy to flow simultaneously from both directions.  Positive energy flows through one end and expels negative energy out the other.  so you are bringing in new Light and releasing vibrations that no longer serve you.  You my also use this as a cord cutting tool. 

Black Obsidian is a grounding stone that brings balance and equality to situations by diffusing negative vibrations and transmuting them.  This stone can remove energy blocks and open pathways for self-discovery related to unresolved issues, bringing those realities to the surface to be dealt with. It will help you let go of the past and allows you to clearly face your issues. This stone moves energy very quickly and the result can feel abrupt, so be sure you are ready for "truth" if you carry Back Obsidian with you.

Black Obsidian is capable of holding you accountable for your actions, in this life time or those from the past.  It is a stone of integrity and profound protection, but the protective energy is a mirror reflecting the shadow sides of you: those of the soul journey (Akashic records) and those that connect to this physical lifetime.  With this mirror image, you are able to recall actions and decisions you’ve made, account for them, bringing them to the surface for review or release. 

Black Obsidian reminds us that in the light of the shadow, all things are divine perfection.  Can you study the true you without self-judgment?  Black Obsidian can help.  Be mindful when working with this stone, as it is potent and works quickly.  Be ready for the deep work required if you invite Black Obsidian into your healing world.

From The Crystal Bible, "Black Obsidian forces facing up to one's true self, taking you deep into the subconscious mind in the process.  It brings imbalances and shadow qualities to the surface for release, highlighting hidden factors.  It magnifies all negative energies so

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