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Hope Is Hopeless

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Hope is Hopeless

That’s a strange statement coming from a healer, don’t you think? I thought so too when my dear friend, Thom, said it to me nearly 20 years ago.

Hope is hopeless.

Manifestation practices teach us that in order to manifest we must be very clear and succinct in the way we mindfully “ask” for our dreams to be fulfilled. Think carefully about what you want, define it, make a statement, write it down, and leave wiggle room for the universe, because we can’t know the direction the dominoes will fall. Let go of control over it, giving it to God, and wait it out. Watch for signs indicating the universe is on the case, and lean into the process taking right action.

Remember the old story of the man treading water at sea who prayed for God to come save him? He was filled with faith, and knew it would be so. God would come save him. There was no doubt in his mind. The man was so convinced God would save him, he waved off three boats that pulled up beside him trying to give him a lift, saying, “oh, no thank you, I am waiting for God to come save me.” The man died treading water.

God sent those boats.

The drowning man had a picture in his mind… a hope if you will, that God would appear out of the sky and rescue him, delivering him safely to the shore. The rescue boats were signs from God; faith fulfilled. The man’s responsibility was to take right action and get on board the rescue boat. He did not do that, but kept hoping his perception of God’s helping hand would manifest in the way he chose it to. He didn’t follow the domino trail.

We must be in motion in order to manifest our own life-course while interpreting the signs from the universe indicating the changes of direction, or patterns that will allow us access to the realization of our dreams. Action is the final stage of manifestation. Sitting and hoping for it to be so will not necessarily reap us the reward we dream of.

Hope is hopeless. Don’t give your power away. Take action now.

Many thanks, Thom, for this lesson that has led me through long passages into an exciting and fulfilling life.

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