Dawning Into Stones

When I began my foray into the crystal realm nearly twenty years ago, I discovered a world of subtle energies that left me awestruck in wide-eyed wonder. I had been practicing hands-on healing for more than a year before I began to accept that crystals were energetic tools. Many of my clients spoke of the wondrous healing nature of crystals, but I brushed it off. I was still learning to accept the sudden emergence of my healing gift and spent most of my time and thoughts on the impractical task of intellectually figuring that out. The thought of crystals being used as tools to amplify energy, facilitate healing, or augment spiritual cognizance bewildered me, and the part of me that was existing on overwhelm (as a new healer) wanted to dismiss it as craziness.

The first time I held a crystal, and felt a faint flutter of energy, is still a vividly clear and precious memory; one that marked the beginning of a divine journey of wonder, love and synergy as I took on the role (with dignity I hope) of being a custodian for crystal beings. I am as intrigued today, as I was seventeen years ago when I was shown my destiny in the expansive world of crystals.

A wonderful man introduced me to crystals in such a way that I sometimes wonder if I would have fallen so completely in love with stones if my introduction had come from someone less passionate and intuitive. The universe is infinitely adept at weaving the threads of our tapestry. There are no mistakes. The inner landscape of my soul’s path combined with the esoteric planning of those who guide me from above manifested the exact day and person who helped me began my crystal journey.

Here’s my story: