Dawn's Story, Installment 3

When Jean explained to me how to do automatic writing, I froze.  My sheltered background and strict religious influence told me that what Jean was describing must certainly be something I should not be playing around with.  I said as much.  Jean just laughed, canted her head, got that far-away-look readers sometimes get when they channel, and said, “Don’t be silly.  It’s easy.  Here’s what you do.”  She gave me very clear instructions.

I went home thinking I would never do that.  Doing that was way outside the belief system ingrained in me.  For me, just getting a reading was pushing the envelope. I decided to let the whole thing go.

A few days went by and I couldn’t stop thinking about automatic writing.  It was like worrying a loose tooth.  I just couldn’t seem to stop thinking about it; had to keep testing the boundary.  The whole thing seemed forbidden, exotic and intriguing.  I had lost many people who had crossed over and I felt thatt making a connection might be fulfilling so I decided I’d try it just once.

Jean had told me to light three candles and pray for God’s guidance as one of the actions for protection before picking up the pen.  She said that would keep me safe and would ensure that only “good” beings would come through the open channel.  I believed her.  I thought if God showed up, maybe that proved that automatic writing wasn’t evil.  So filled with trepidation, excitement, wonder and a little rebelliousness, I went for it.

It seemed to work.

I sat on the floor in my living room with pen and paper on our coffee table, three candles burning, and my prayer of protection hanging in the room.  Jean had said when I reached a point of meditative relaxation, to pick up the pen and wait for the words to flow. That’s what I did.  Eventually I began to write.  When I looked at the writing later, it seemed like my handwriting, but altered.  It was more watery and uneven.  When I read the words, they were written in a way I don’t speak, but I thought for sure I had made it all up.  It seemed kind of bogus to me, but nothing bad had happened, so I decided I hadn’t pushed the envelope too far and had come out of the exercise unscathed by evil repercussions.  I had also come out of it completely intrigued and enthralled.

I tried it again a few days later. It seemed to work again.

I started automatic writing every day.

I worked at it for several weeks, fine tuning my approach and learning to identify the energy of those who were coming through the pen.  Automatic writing came naturally to me as though I had been doing it all my life.  It wasn’t long before I began to hear the words as they were written and another new world opened up for me.