Energetic Change Is Afoot

One of my favorite sayings is, "In order for anything to stay the same, everything has to change." When my clients hear me say that, they will often look off into the distance as they grasp the depth and truth of those words. We are in constant motion, energetically, spiritually, physically, and mentally. The person you were last year has morphed and adapted into who you are today. The changes may be subtle, but if you think about it, you'll see how you have shifted. If you go back even further, say five years ago, the changes will be more apparent...you are still you, only different.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on Diane Finn's meditation last evening, and the group conversation explored the elusive concepts of our spiritual evolution; from Atlantis to our latest Blood moon. We, as human earth school attendees, are energetically shape shifting the culmination of past-life experiences and universal acumen into conscious thoughts and actions in a way that encourages our own loving souls to shine within our physical bodies. The alignment of the soul, the higher-self, and the physical-self calls up deep, undeniable knowledge, aligning us with the ONE divine presence in a more profound way than we have realized before (at least in this lifetime). We are called to acknowledge our own unique thread in the universal tapestry, and take charge our personal artistry within the theme.

At this point in time, more than ever, discernment is the doorway to your own spiritual evolution. The veil is thin, and information is easily plucked from the universal landscape. It is abundantly available for all of us. Be sure you are compatible with the vibrations you are working with and gleaning information from. Pay attention to your subtle body and listen to the messages your all-knowing self reveals as you study the teachings from the universe. If your body feels safe, comfortable, and is vibrating with love, you are most likely streaming light that teaches the higher mysteries from Source.

Change is afoot. These are exciting times, and the gateway is open for you to be the best, authentic version of you that you can be, ever changing, always energetically astute. You MUST show up. Be present. Join the flow of the impermanent, entirely enlightened dance.