My crystals are dusty...what do I do?

A customer asked a great question this week about whether or not it was detrimental for crystals to be dusty or otherwise neglected, and if doing so would invite negative energy into her home?

It is a hard truth that sometimes we don't have the time it takes to care for our personal things exactly the way we would like, crystals included. So, what is the best practice for crystal maintenance? What happens if we don’t cleanse them regularly? The answer is difficult to generalize because so many factors enter the equation, and absolutes hold no merit…

…But, here are a few thoughts:

Allowing crystals to become dusty or dirty from neglect will reflect negatively on the energy of the crystals and, therefore, of the environment. It's akin to walking into a dirty doesn't feel great. If you think of your crystals as living beings, treat them the way you treat yourself. How long would you go without a shower? That’s not to say that you need to bathe your crystals daily, but you are the custodian of these beings and mindful attention should be paid to their well-being. It’s a partnership. They give, you give.

If you have a large collection of crystals, it may be helpful to develop a rotating schedule to bathe, recharge or energize them. You may dust them, sage them, bathe them in water, douse them with sunshine or let them soak up the rays of the lunar moon, paying attention to the requirements or cautions of the stones themselves. Some don’t like sunshine and others don’t like water.

Paying attention to your crystals feeds them. You know how receiving a smile from another person brightens your day? Simply picking up your crystal and admiring their beauty shifts their energy and causes them to shine energetically. You don’t have to do much…just acknowledge them, keep them clean and enjoy the results. As with many things spiritual, intention is a powerful attribute for success.

We can tell right away when a customer who is really attuned to crystals walks into our shop. The crystals immediately connect with the customer’s open, positive vibe, and the energy of the entire store rises. People begin to giggle, conversations between strangers ensue and sometimes people feel giddy with love. Many know what has inspired the outpouring of happiness and others have no idea it’s the crystals working away. The crystal beings bless us and teach us daily.  A clean, happy crystal is a working crystal.