New Moon in Virgo - What Can I Expect?

On September 9th 2018, the moon will reach the part of its cycle where it is enveloped in darkness. New moons happen every month, same as the full moon. The new moon is always a time when we should set our intentions for the month ahead, inviting that which we wish to manifest into our lives. I know the word “manifestation” tends to be a bit over-used these days, and has begun to carry the connotation of making a wish or throwing your coin in the well. I’m here to inform you that this is not the case. Fortunately, we have a lot more influence on whether or not we get what we ask for.

The practice of manifestation is a conversation we have with the Divine source and our higher selves. When we take the time to really decide what we want out of our lives and for our futures, centering our focus into a new moon practice or ritual, we connect with divine consciousness. Setting our intentions for ourselves with the support of the universe behind us creates a powerful manifestation platform. One disclaimer I must stress: IT IS ENTIRELY UP TO US WHETHER WE GET THERE! The universe will have our back, the universe will bring us opportunities, the universe will give us the road map, but it is one-hundred percent up to us to act on the opportunities. It is up to us to take the road map, jump in the car, and follow the directions even though they aren’t the turns we would have preferred to take. After we ask Divine to step in, and help us turn our intentions in to reality, we then have to respect the journey we are given. Maybe you would rather take the highway to your goals, but Divine is sending you down the back roads instead. Trust that the road you’re on is perfect, and just keep driving.

We can always manifest during any new moon. But each new moon, throughout the year, occurs in a different sign, which allows each new moon to have its own attributes, helping us focus on particular areas of our lives. With the new moon in the sign of Virgo we get to utilize the traits of this sign, which helps us with our manifesting practice. Virgo brings us organization, a “think before you act” mentality, and consistency. All these traits are extremely useful when attaining goals. Virgo highlights behaviors to watch out for; perfectionism, worrying about “what if’s”, and being self-critical.

I did a channeling and drew cards to determine what parts of our lives need the most focus, and the strong message I received was HEALTH. I found this very interesting, because our health is rarely the first thing that comes to mind when we are thinking about what we want. We tend to want to manifest money, love, a new career, materialistic things. We may even ask for six pack abs or longer hair, but we rarely approach, even those topics, from the perspective of improving our health. The funny thing is, is that when we improve our physical, mental, and emotional health then other things like love, money, and a new career may be much easier to attain.

How will we achieve our intentions for health, while remaining true to our course? By cleaning up and decluttering our bodies and lives. I know this may seem strange because we typically do our big clean outs in the spring, but this was the overwhelming message received for this new moon. We need to purge our lives of things that have become stagnant. We also must clean up our bodies, detoxify things that have slowed us down, physically, and mentally. ...and remember organization and consistency are our BFF’s this month.

The Virgo shadow side highlights the need for all of us to stop making harmful connections to success and failure. When we look at the moon, we know she runs on a cycle. She is constantly adding and subtracting light. When she is bright and vibrant, we don’t assume that she will look that way forever, we simple admire her beauty, take pictures of her, pointing her out to the people we are with, celebrating the beauty. We know that in two weeks’ time she will be completely dark. That doesn’t mean the moon failed. We are aware that she is still there even though we can’t see her at the moment. It is understood that she is simply on the dark side of her cycle. We need to have the same sort of respect for our own cycles. We won’t always be at the top of our game, nor will we always be at our darkest. But, we will always be shifting through our cycle. Success and failure are judgements we place on ourselves, limiting and distracting us from easily connecting to our higher-self. Everything is available for you through divine timing, and the turning of our cycles is all part of getting there.

When we hit a block or a wall its not to frustrate us or make us feel like the universe isn’t supporting us, it’s quite the opposite. It’s the universe telling us that we are trying to make a wrong turn. We are trying to head down a road that isn’t on our map. It’s the universe saying, “don’t waste your fuel on a dead end.” Those times may not always be easy to take in stride but it is necessary.

The final message I received for this new moon relates to sound. While we are decluttering and cleaning up our lives in the pursuit of better health, we need to also be aware of the effect clutter and dirty energy takes, in the form of sound. What is in the energetic vibration of your words? What is the energetic frequency of words spoken to, or around you by others? What is the energy of the music you’re listening to? How much noise pollution do you expose yourself to on a daily basis? Sound is energy. Become very aware, from this new moon forward, of the amount of clutter and dirt you’re allowing in through your ears.

I hope you all have an amazing New Moon in Virgo! If you bought a grid kit please share a picture of yours in action. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Be on the lookout for the grid kits and blog coming out in a couple weeks for our Full Moon in Aries on September 24th 2018.

See you then!