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Quan Yin - Mother of Mercy

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Quan Yin - Mother of Mercy

2018 is off to an upbeat start, infusing subtle energetic changes into our psyche and energy fields, and offering a much-needed respite to the energetic pounding many of us experienced in 2017. As we welcome the shifts this new year brings, the master number eleven pokes its head out from the numerology charts and begins to works its magic. Eleven promotes spiritual ascension and internal growth. What a nice opportunity to assuage the past and look brightly to the now. Wouldn’t you like to feel a softening around you, maybe find a moment of bliss, or bask in an outpouring of compassion?

Enter Quan Yin, Mother of Mercy, one the most revered Bodhisattvas in Buddhism. This exquisite figure is depicted in various poses and art forms, exemplifying love, mercy and compassion for all of humanity. She carries the nectar of life in her ivory vessel and readily pours it upon the earth and into our hearts. Her embrace is infinite, effortless and without judgment. She teaches us to embody compassion, to love ourselves deeply, and reminds us to be mercifully present and aware. If you feel drawn to Quan Yin and would like to invite her into your life, simply call her name. You will feel an immediate change as she permeates your heart. She is there; just reach for her.

If you have experienced thoughtless acts, have sent out negative vibes of your own, or have forgotten, at times, to act from the heart, you could find the lessons of Quan Yin inspirational. She can help you find your inner power and teach you to use it for a higher purpose. She can heal the wounded heart, direct you to release unnecessary karma, and live a life of joy. The Mother of Mercy is wholesome, forgiving and filled with joy for humanity. Embody her, and you will find these qualities within yourself, where they already exist, for you can only recognize those aspects that already live within you.