Remember Your Essence

Love Is Enough

remember your essence

By Dawn Hall

After nearly twenty years of listening to folks reveal their innermost emotional truths, I am still moved by the innocent and vulnerable need many people have to hear that they are divine, beautiful, whole, and they are everything they need. "YOU are enough!" There is a child-like joy that emerges when I speak those words as though they have been longing for that information their whole lives. People who have felt love, and been loved react in much the same way as those who came from less nurturing backgrounds: It seems that a palpable yearning to be authenticated or validated through love awakens an ancient memory within. It is an elusive memory of a love so pure that we have nothing on this planet to compare it with. I think it's a subliminal memory of what we left behind when we stepped into our human bodies. We disconnected from God in heaven to be here. Our conscious mind can't grasp or define that loss, but our souls remember the pureness and vibration of that divine essence. We seek to translate and identify it seeking unmistakable clarity. But it slips away. The problem is, there is nothing here on this plane that comes close. Our human mind can't define it.

The over powering force that is our mind acts as an emissary for form. As humans, we understand what we can define, and filter information, experiences, and radical moments that alter us accordingly. It is from that conscious stream that we develop the belief systems and behavior patterns that define us. Those patterns reside in our "knowing place," anchoring into our cells and stabilizing there, running the show, often for generations. In my healing sessions, we work with those beliefs and shift the cellular memory by clearing those limiting imprints from the cells. Every time something is cleared, it opens space for the cells to be rejuvenated. We do it with love. It is my belief that when we reprogram our cellular memory, effective healing takes place. New paradigms are established and healing unfolds, not only for you, but also for the generations before you, and for those that will come.

So here's a thought: What if we clear the limiting debris from our cells and then, through meditation or grid-work (that's a different article) we begin to reprogram the cellular memory to include the divine vibration of love we only remember subliminally? That vibration, as slippery and elusive as it is, is tucked somewhere deep in our soul memory. I know this because I've observed it in sessions for nearly 20 years, appearing, emerging and then slipping away like deja vu.

I see the heart chakra differently than most. In fact, I have only ever met one other person who "sees" it the way I do. So, read this with an open mind. The heart chakra reveals itself to me in layers. I find when I work with a person who is beginning their healing journey, we tend to work in the outer layers. This allows the recipient to assimilate the work and experience their heart Chakra opening without undue emotional surges. As our work progresses with time and sessions, or if a client is prepped through previous work, the heart chakra shows itself to me like a honeycomb. The honeycomb is a beautiful Fibonacci sequence. As I move into one of the chambers of the honeycomb, that chamber opens into yet another honeycomb. As I travel deeper into that chamber, it in turn becomes another honeycomb. And so it goes, on and on and on. The limitless heart chakra is eternal. This is true formlessness.

What if we introduced the formlessness and eternal non-structure of the heart chakra to the opening we've created in our cells, through cellular re-patterning, then asked the soul to allow conscious emergence of the elusive, slippery and exquisite love we keep seeking? Is it possible? I think so, and my guides always say, "Once a thought is conscious, it already IS". So let's do it!

Om mane padme hum!

(The jewel is in the heart of the lotus. (God lives within)