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Tarot - A path to your intuition

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Did you know that reading Tarot Cards is a direct path to inner wisdom known as your intuition? Many people tell me that they have a really good sense of intuition. And most people really do...but...they have been conditioned to use only their five senses; sight; sound; smell; taste; and touch. Intuition is a sixth sense and because it is intangible, society has frowned upon our exercise of it.

dictionary.com defines Intuition as, "direct perception of truth, fact, etc. independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension; a truth, fact, etc., perceived in this way."

To me, that feels like a "gut" feeling which hits me as soon as any input comes my way, before I've had time to think of a response...or anything, for that matter. I just "know". I always have, but trusting that inner guidance is a whole different story. As children, society/community has squelched this inner guidance system. Especially in very traditional communities. Science demands that we have empirical evidence to back everything up. According to dictionary.com, "Empirical evidence, data, or knowledge, also known as sense experience, is a collective term for the knowledge or source of knowledge acquired by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation." So, sadly, science dictates that if you can't See it, Hear it, Smell it, Taste it, or Touch it...it doesn't exist. But DOES it?

How does one begin to "tap" into that vast resource of one's intuition? Oddly enough, it's not difficult at all.

One tool I personally enjoy using is the Tarot. Of course, there are other tools but Tarot is a simple and fun way to exercise your intuition while getting validation directly from your subconscious. Basically, it draws out information that you already know on some level and brings it to the forefront, forcing you to consider it. A "confrontation" of information, if you will. You know how it FEELS, but what happens when your mind interferes? I call it 'doubting my inner self' or 'my mind or consciousness getting in the way.' This is a common problem and even the best readers struggle with reading for themselves or those close to them. But, that in itself is an entirely different story.

So, you ask, I have a Tarot Deck and a stack of books with the card meanings, but I still can't understand what I should do or how I am supposed to work with them. It seems like a huge task and a lot of memorization to remember the meanings of 78 very distinct cards. Again, I reiterate, it's NOT difficult at all. Once I SHOW you an easy way to learn (and most of the information you ALREADY know), you will be reading and using (and TRUSTING) your inner compass, once again.

For years I've collected decks (and books) and Tarot paraphernalia which promised to help me learn how to read Tarot "quickly and accurately." Usually after about a week of frustration, each deck or book was claimed by my oversized Rubbermaid tote collecting dust in my closet. After about 10 years (yes 10!) of this nonsense and having attended numerous classes given by other readers, I finally decided that I had to find a way to learn this. I just had SO much money invested in that Rubbermaid tote and I wanted to learn SO badly that I couldn't bear the thought of it collecting dust any longer. So, the way I learned was to develop an entire curriculum to teach myself how to read Tarot Cards. (My mother always told me I did things backwards.). Long story short, yes, I learned to actually TEACH Tarot before actually learning how to READ Tarot (really!). Having found a successful way to learn, and read for others and then to teach others to learn as easily, I now present to you my C.O.R.E. Tarot Master Certification Course. The 6 week Apprentice Program begins on October 13th at Tushita Heaven, on Broadway in Saratoga Springs. Here's the link to check it out:

http://www.tushitaheaven.com/events-and-workshops/ (Once on the page, scroll down)

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Space is limited and there is a prerequisite of the Basic Tarot Mastery Introductory class prior to enrollment in the certification program, so please book soon. I look forward to seeing your smiling faces in class very soon!

Donna Evleth

Founder: Saratoga Intuitive Tarot