Ten Stones For Protection

Stones for Protection

One of the most common questions asked in our store is, “What stones will protect me?” There are many reasons people are looking for protection these days, and the reasons run the gamut, from needing protection from other people, negative environments, energetic interference, spiritual quests that require astral travel, shamanic journeys or moving into high realms that are new territory for you. In most cases, the stones that will help are the same, but there are always other stones you can use that introduce additional subtle energies, allowing you to stay safe while enhancing your experience. Let’s keep this blog simple, and talk about ten commonly used stones that protect, and why they work:

Apache Tear:

The story of the Apache Tear is borne of Native American legend. It is said that during a battle in which the Indians were outnumbered, and capture seemed immanent, the warriors chose to jump to their death from a cliff, rather than experience loss or capture. The women of the tribe shed tears of grief that fell to the earth, forming the obsidian stones we now call Apache Tears.

Apache Tears are helpful in healing grief or grievances, as they absorb the negative impact from painful memories or situations. Karmically, this stone reveals suffering from past lives, and allows you to bring the energy of that lifetime forward to be cleared in present time. Apache Tear grounds and protects while allowing you to be present, calming the psyche, and mitigating anger. It is a stone of justice that reveals truth, cause and effect, and helps you see the gifts you have. It assists in strengthening will power. It shows you how to be responsible and forthright in taking the right course of action.

Black Kyanite:

Black Kyanite forms in fan shaped blades. This mineral is a grounding and protective stone that is effective at opening energetic pathways that help to shift stagnant energies. Beginners will find Black Kyanite easy to work with as it is warmly enveloping, creating a comfortable safe space. Although this stone is designated as a root chakra stone, it works well with all chakras, and is effective when placed upon the body.

Black Kyanite helps develop psychic abilities, and may help one understand their inner most sub-conscious thoughts, allowing one to see a way to make those insights useful either in this life time, or those in the future.

Healers find it helpful in accessing past lives, healing tears in the etheric field, and mending discordant energies in chakras. It is useful in opening communication with others, or solving misunderstandings.

Black Obsidian:

Black obsidian is a grounding stone that brings balance and equality to situations by diffusing negative vibrations and transmuting them. This stone can remove energy blocks and open pathways for self-discovery related to unresolved issues, bringing those realities to the surface to be dealt with. It will help you let go of the past and allows you to clearly face your issues. This stone moves energy very quickly and the result can feel abrupt, so be sure you are ready for "truth" if you carry Back Obsidian with you.

Black Obsidian is capable of holding you accountable for your actions, in this life time or those from the past. It is a stone of integrity and profound protection, but the protective energy is a mirror reflecting the shadow sides of you: those of the soul journey (Akashic records) and those that connect to this physical lifetime. With this mirror image, you are able to recall actions and decisions you’ve made, account for them, bringing them to the surface for review or release.

Black Obsidian reminds us that in the light of the shadow, all things are divine perfection. Can you study the true you without self-judgment? Black Obsidian can help. Be mindful when working with this stone, as it is potent and works quickly. Be ready for the deep work required if you invite Black Obsidian into your healing world.

Black Onyx:

Black Onyx is a protective stone that gently unlocks the past, offering healing of painful memories. It sweeps the mental palette clean, allowing the mind to find a neutral space so that your viewpoint is uncluttered by daily stress. It softens the influence of traumatic past-lives and offers a clear view of how to cut the karmic cords that interfere with personal growth in this lifetime. Onyx unravels the mysteries of old, and teaches you to look to the future, becoming proactive in your own destiny.

Black Onyx is a Root Chakra stone that actively asks you to participate in defining who you are. By healing and releasing old wounds from past life-times, or this one, it offers strength and courage for those who want to access and use their own power. It offers grounding, self-control, discipline and initiates a clear sense of self. Those who want to fall in love with their Light and Shadow sides may find the energy of Black onyx to be extremely helpful in following that path of discovery.

Black Tourmaline:

Black Tourmaline is a popular stone for protection. It guards against negativity of all kinds – negative thoughts or actions, outside influences, and psychic attacks. It is able to protect your aura from harm and is influential in promoting positive thoughts. It increases discernment, allowing you to see possible pathways, instilling confidence in knowing you’ll choose the best path for your personal higher learning. Using Black Tourmaline during meditations helps you feel safe from harm and transmutes any negative energy into a lighter positive form. Holding a Black Tourmaline wand pointed away from the body speeds up the release of negative or harmful energies.

Black Tourmaline is helpful in relieving addictions, emotional or mental fears, obsessions or compulsions. It clears the mind of debris, aids in meditations, releases negativity and shields you from harm. It is thought to protect against electromagnetic pollution. It is commonly known as a Shamanic stone.

Blue Kyanite: (This stone made my list for protection because of its high frequencies, allowing you stay in your own power, preventing negativity from finding a foot hold. It keeps others from being able to manipulate your thoughts.) 

Blue Kyanite is extremely useful to those seeking to assimilate higher vibrational frequencies into the physical body. As an amplifier of energy, Blue Kyanite opens our intuitive abilities with ease, making this stone ideal for attunements, or for downloading clear messages from other dimensions. Those who work with Light find this to be an important stone for spiritual alignment and healing. It clears and calibrates all the chakras and meridians in the body, and clears the channel to the soul star Chakra, and beyond.

A communication stone, Kyanite helps clarify thoughts and organize them, allowing one to speak with ease. It is a stone that never needs to be cleared, as it cannot hold negativity. So, it follows that with Kyanite in your energy field, you will have no further use for negative thoughts or actions. It creates the ability to know your own truth, and will awaken the memory that your deepest truths are really Universal.

Blue Kyanite helps relieve anger, frustration and confusion, replacing those emotions with clear thought, self-expression, spiritual growth and connection to the next level of Ascension.


Hematite is a grounding Root Chakra stone that has benefits that go beyond simple grounding. It is also a protection stone for the aura, useful for out of body journeys or deep meditations that may take you into other dimensions. Use this stone to anchor the four corners of a room during spiritual practices, and be assured of feeling safe while hematite guards the perimeter.

Hematite lifts self-imposed limitations, offers renewed self-esteem, strengthens will power and does so with potent, yet quiet energy. It has the ability to deflects negative energy from the environment, and assists in ascension by helping integrate high vibrations into the physical.

Hematite can help you feel balance in the midst of chaos by strengthening self-confidence and promoting focus. It may help relieve addictions or unhealthy habits, and will assist you in understanding the cause.


Jet is a stone of protection that stabilizes the environment and calms fears. It is also known as a remarkable healing stone, as it pairs well with nearly all other minerals. It attracts very grounded old souls and is enticing to those who seek knowledge of their existence here on Earth. Jet is able to help clear the auric field, cleanse your physical space, and purify negativity. It is useful in spiritual journeying as a protector, deflecting unwanted energies.

Jet helps clear and energize other crystals. If used often, your piece of Jet should be cleared regularly.

Jet can be helpful in assuaging grief and resolving emotional distress.


Labradorite is a magical stone known for its unique iridescent shimmer and shine. It is a comforting stone that grounds and balances the physical body while helping you stretch toward higher spiritual knowledge. This stone helps assimilate teachings from the ancient mysteries, aids in Shamanic work, increases intuitive abilities, protects, shields and strengthens spiritual relationships. It elicits deeper understanding of how and why we operate the way we do. Labradorite connects us to our deepest spiritual experiences and brings those internal memories to the surface, allowing us to reclaim our forgotten spirit.

Labradorite aligns the chakras, releases fear, helps create a bonding atmosphere within groups, and restores trust in self and the Divine. It allows us to stand on our own two feet, secure in our personal convictions, but teaches us to open our minds to transformational ideas. If you are looking to uncover and release illusions within yourself and choose to work through personal blocks, Labradorite can assist.

Labradorite will keep your faith strong and your course true as you explore the magical mysteries of the Universe.


Shungite is now thought to be one of the most potent healing stones. Scientists who have studied it, believe Shungite has the ability to right anything “wrong” in the physical body, reversing disorders. A detoxifying stone, Shungite eases headaches, relieves insomnia, improves chronic fatigue, relieves cardiovascular problems, asthma and arthritis, and bolsters the immune system. Because of its ability to absorb and transmute negative energy, it is effective in treating emotional imbalances.

Shungite grounds and protects, working with the root chakra to address all essential systems of the body. It also protects from electromagnetic and geothermal energy, and is most often used as an elixir, ingested three or four times a day. If drinking Shungite-infused water, you must be sure the stone used to make the elixir is top-quality. Elite Noble Shungite is best. This form of Shungite has a silver sheen, so it’s easy to identify. Use stones that are completely polished, showing no unpolished pockets or veins, however small.