The Crystal Cocktail for Self-Love

The Crystal Cocktail for Self-Love

Loving ourselves can be one of the most challenging themes we struggle with during our lives. We can be our own worst critic, causing us to detach from the true essence of our divine perfection, leaving us uncertain, unhappy, and unfulfilled. A poor self-image and lack of self-love can deeply effect our ability to navigate smoothly through life, causing disruptions in our relationships with ourselves and with others. If you have struggled with this, you are fully aware of the damaging emotional spiral a lack of self-love can cause.

Here is a simple truth; Your relationship with yourself reflects outwardly like a mirror to those around you. In order to fully love and accept your families, friends and partners, you must first fully love and accept yourself. The journey from your head to heart is probably one of the longest you will take. So how can you get there, and how can we help?

We whipped up a powerful crystal cocktail specifically designed to heal and nurture your heart. We invite you to step into your inner child to heal past trauma, forgiving and releasing old judgments. We challenge you to recognize and honor the real you without recriminations or regret. Let our stones whisper sweet nothings in your ear; messages about your inner beauty and worthiness. Let the energy of love permeate your being, bringing you to a place of contentment and acceptance.  Let your Light shine!

We have highlighted four stones that can hep you on this journey. You may work with them together (a cocktail) or individually. It will be fun for you to let the stones chose you each day, surrendering to the nuances of the crystal kingdom. We chose rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz and black onyx for this crucial, yet delicate journey to your heart. Sweet loving rose quartz gently opens your heart chakra, allowing love to flow through. It heals matters of the heart, while reminding you that innocence is powerful. Rhodochrosite opens the heart chakra, bridging the spiritual with the physical, thus grounding love all the way to your feet. It brings up patterns and past experiences that need releasing. Rhodonite does much the same thing as Rhodochrosite, but prompts you to always see both sides of an equation, causing this stone to be a strong filter for forgiveness and compassion. …And why do we recommend a black grounding stone too? Protection and grounding are important whenever you embark on energy work, but we specifically chose black onyx because of its ability to bring karmic issues to the surface for review. This stone will scrub your aura and help you feel squeaky clean so you can receive the love you deserve.

Read more about each of these stones below.

The Crystal Cocktail

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular heart chakra stones for those who are seeking unconditional love in their lives. It can teach you the art of loving yourself, which in turn, allows you to manifest loving relationships with others. Working with rose quartz soothes the soul and heals emotional trauma that may have slammed shut the door to your heart because of past grief or loss. It can repair damage done by old belief systems that caused you to think you weren’t worthy of love. Sweet and feminine rose quartz uncovers emotional wounds, heartache and old programming. It clears the etheric aura of negative vibrations that may interfere with self-love, reinstates divine knowledge that love is all there is, and allows you to hold that energy within.

Rhodochrosite resonates strongly with both the heart and root chakras, encouraging one to literally ground in loving vibrations. The grounding aspect of this stone helps to keep one emotionally stable and clear minded when letting go of old issues that interfere with receiving and holding onto loving vibrations. We like to think of rhodochrosite as the 'mature' heart stone. When working with this stone one may experience an improved sense of self-worth, less emotional stress, a greater sense of love in relationships, and an ease in accepting the relationship as it truly is. Rhodochrosite deepens a sense of self, allowing one to let go of past issues that interfere with self-love.

Rhodonite is a stone of self-love and loving expression. It helps to ground self-love through the heart to the earth, allowing one to acknowledge and accept tough heart experiences while remaining open to the lessons learned from the experience. This stone encourages the ability to face repetitive patterns without illusion, accept the need for change, accomplishing that with self-love. Rhodonite is a stone that may helpful to those who are overcoming sexual abuse.

Black Onyx is a root chakra stone that actively asks you to participate in defining who you are. It is a protective stone that gently unlocks the past, offering healing of painful memories. It sweeps the mental palette clean, allowing the mind to find a neutral space so that your viewpoint is uncluttered by daily stress. It softens the influence of traumatic past-lives and offers a clear view of how to cut the karmic cords that interfere with personal growth in this lifetime. Those who want to fall in love with their Light and Shadow sides may find the energy of black onyx to be extremely helpful in following that path of discovery.

How do you use your crystals to inspire Love?

  • We recommend meditating with your stones. Hold them in your hands or place them on your body while allowing their energy to guide the mediation as you relax, opening to the changes the stones bring.
  • Carry your stones with you throughout your day, either in your pocket or on your body. If you work with tumbled stones, having them close to you is beneficial. Small stone, small energy. Keep them close. If you have larger specimens, the energy will reach further and can placed on an end table or night stand.
  • You may place your stones in your pillow case while you sleep. Placing them in the pillow case prevents them from rolling off the bed and keeps them close to your heart. The veil is thinnest at night, strengthening your ability to receive energy, so you will gain benefit by having the stones near you as you rest.
  • Most of all, be open to change. Be willing to stop the negative retorts your mind creates when you announce that you are perfectly beautiful, capable of loving yourself, and worthy of love from all sources.