The History of Tarot Cards

How it Began

The early beginnings of the use tarot cards aren’t exactly clear. The first documented traces of tarot cards can be seen as early as the 14th century in Western Europe. It is presumed that these cards were brought to Western Europe from areas around the Middle East. From there, the use of tarot cards flourished throughout Western Europe, seeing rises in popularity in both France and Italy. Many of these card decks were used by royal families for entertainment purposes.

How it Developed

Tarot cards were originally used as a playing card game of sorts, with some decks even being ‘suited’ like modern day playing cards. These cards were then used for centuries since their first arrival in Western Europe, and grew in popularity throughout the world. As the use of tarot cards grew, they split off into many different styles, artwork and uses. Different types of tarot card games and mystical applications began to develop around the 18th century.

How They are Used Today

Some people still choose to use tarot cards in playing card games. However, tarot cards have taken on a more mystical reputation in recent years. Many people that use tarot cards today use them to perform tarot card readings for friends, family and customers.Tarot cards can be fun to learn if you’ve never tried it before! There are many different types of tarot card decks and uses for tarot cards out there, find one that interests you and you can start learning the ancient art of tarot card reading.