Types of Intuitive Readings

Clients are very often open to whatever Reading is offered but may realize during or just after the fact they do have specific questions. My 'go to' Reading is a Big Picture one, describing how this person is responding to the prevailing energy moving through his or her life. Sometimes though, there are larger challenges appearing in one or more specific areas. Among those are Health, Career and/or Relationship.

A Health Reading, often done Chakra by Chakra, helps to delineate what spiritual, emotional and physical challenges are present. Since there is always a spiritual basis to every illness, clarifying that can trigger the beginning of healing. Recognition of Past Life and Current Life issues is important here. We all came in with work to do.

During a Career Reading or when questions come up about work in a Big Picture Reading we will often see the client has a mission that includes his or her current career but may be much larger than a job. Sometimes it's as if a timed-release fork in the road appears for a person. This often creates confusion and a request for a Reading in order to begin to make next steps clearer. From time to time what one does for work is simply important training for his or her soul calling.

Relationship readings are always interesting as they tend to clarify each person's contribution. We can approach this Chakra by Chakra or issue by issue. It is not surprising to see how partners, friends, siblings or parent and child each contribute to the pairing, offer a challenge and/or encourage and support each other. We always come to the basic tenet here: how important your relationship with yourself is to your relationship with others.

Other types of readings are available as well. A Past Life Reading is an important part of a Past Life Regression or can be done by itself, whereas a sitting Mini Regression can to very compelling and helpful. (Don't try this one unless and until you are a strong visualizer and are able to focus very well.) There are also Prosperity Readings and Numerology Readings that can be accomplished on a walk-in basis with availability. (Connection Readings will be available soon!) In-depth Gifts Readings combine a number of approaches and require a pre-scheduled appointment, two to three weeks in advance.