img955014.jpg Bridgette Shea is the owner of Ageless Acupuncture in Saratoga Springs, where she combines Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines with Yoga, energy medicine, breath work, and visualization practices. A practitioner and teacher of Yoga, meditation, and energy medicine for over 25 years, she is the author of two books, Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda: An Integrated Practice of Ancient Healing Traditions, and Cultivating Your Microbiome: Chinese and Ayurvedic Practices for a Healthy Gut and a Clear Mind. Bridgette is a long time meditation practitioner who is always studying and learning. She started seriously studying transpersonal meditation with Dr. Marcia Dale Lopez in 1995. She went on to explore Yogic meditation practices in India with Yogavisharada BNS Iyengar of Mysore and Yogi Yogendra Mishra in Rishikesh. Being drawn to Buddhist teachings from a young age, she made her way to Dharmasala and studied Mahayana with the monks living in exile there. Bridgette is a member of the Magyu lineage program at Tara Mandala and also studies Chod, a Tibetan healing ceremony, with Tibetan Yogi Lama Lhanang Rinpoche.

 Join us as we connect with the magical properties of our stones and crystals, and the

energetics they enhance within us. During this guided meditation, we will focus on a particular crystal and its vibration, deeply connecting with that same resonance we have inside of us.

You will get to relax, be present, and enjoy this deep connection with the healing inherent within you. Each month we will focus on a different stone. We will always focus on crystals available to purchase at Tushita so you will never miss out if you don’t own or aren’t familiar with what we attune to. This class is held the third Monday of every month from 5:30-6:30 and may be attended in person or from home as it will be live-streamed. Everyone in attendance will receive a link so it can be downloaded. Guided meditation will be about a half an hour, followed by a short group Ageless Energy Medicine session administered by Bridgette and time for Q & A.
The class is $25, and you may register here:



 New Client Acupuncture Special! Now through the end of 2022, if you're new to Ageless Acupuncture you'll get your first session for $95 (New Client rate is usually $175). 

Acupuncture: In your first session, we will spend 10-15 minutes talking about your health and what it is you’d like to improve or get relief from. This session will include a thorough intake, and either a back or front acupuncture treatment, or both. They are done on a massage table, and you remain as clothed as possible. Chosen points are based upon assessment, information given by you, and tongue and pulse diagnosis. Sensitivity to needles is always taken into consideration, as your comfort and ability to completely relax is important. Follow ups allow for a moment to chat and catch up on progress and a back and a front treatment, unless you need a long session on one side.
Ageless Energy Medicine: These sessions are usually done at a distance and run an hour and a half. Please see the description here:
Ageless Energy Medicine In Person: In these sessions I utilize a combination of my first love, Reiki, with a blend of energy medicine, visualization, and breath work techniques I’ve learned and discovered through out my 26 years of experience in the healing arts field. 

Treatments are done on a massage type table, and you lay face up. I combine work in your auric field with hands on healing. Sometimes I start at the head, sometimes the feet. Touch is very light and non invasive. Oftentimes I’ll sit at your head and guide you through a visualization and breathing process that helps you transform and release blockages to your well being. These can be physical, pranic/qi based, or mental/emotional. 

These sessions can be quite powerful/transformative. In an effort to not overtreat, I like to keep these sessions shorter than acupuncture.

Initial session: 50- 60 minutes, $110

Follow ups: 40 minutes, $85

Basic Description of Acupuncture:


Acupuncture is a modality that belongs to the larger art and science of Chinese Medicine. It involves the placement of very fine, flexible needles (I like to think of them as antennae) at specific points on a person’s body to effect healing. There is a saying in Chinese medical literature which states that all illness is due to blocked vitality (qi). Acupuncture is used to release blocked or disordered qi and nudge the body toward homeostasis. How it does this is a mystery to some extent, but we do know the needling releases endorphins, dopamine, and opiates from the brain to the body. It also regulates the flow of fluids in the interstitium and supports the body's electromagnetic pathways and communication between cells. Since the body is not considered a separate entity from the mind, spirit, or emotions, acupuncture addresses the entire being. It is thoroughly relaxing.

Wellness Consult 60 minutes, $150 Online or In Person

A Wellness Consult can just be an herbal consultation if that’s all you want, or it can be more holistic. My Wellness Consults incorporate the wisdom of Traditional Medicines like Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine with the timeless insight of Yoga psychology and subtle energy medicine. These consults are an excellent choice for people wanting to know more about their unique mind body constitution, how to better navigate their interconnectedness with the natural world, and feel more alive. Wellness consults allow deep one on one time and the opportunity to be heard and to ask pressing questions about one’s diet, lifestyle, and holistic health.

These sessions involve an in-depth discussion, with plenty of time to have your questions answered. Recommendations are offered as to which practices and choices may be best to bring balance, as well as an explanation of why. These may include tweaks to one's schedule, diet, or habits. Tools that may be used to cultivate balance include herbal remedies, probiotic and other supplementation, breathing guidance, meditation, visualization, and other self care practices. During the session you will most likely have your tongue and pulse assessed according to Eastern medicine principles. If you would like herbs, I will prescribe a formula that I write myself or one or more traditional patent formulas. These can be in the form of a tincture, tablet, or tea. I have several trusted companies I order from, and oftentimes I will just send you a link to purchase and have them conveniently delivered to your own home.