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All Chakras
Astrological Sign:
Numerical Vibration:
Number 9
3 to 4 Hardness
Purple, Violet, Yellow, Black
Very Rare
Contains aluminum and other trace elements.

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Cacoxenite Red Cap Point - A

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Amethyst Cacoxenite Red Cap Point

Size: 3.25" x 1.75" x 1.25"

This Amethyst Cacoxenite point has a red top known as "Red Cap", which holds a high Red Hematite content.  The red cap gives this crystal a fiery look sometimes referred to as St. Elmo's Fire. Cacoxenite is known to be a combination of seven different minerals.  A fascinating theory is that all seven minerals do not need to be present in each piece for the specimen to hold the vibration of all the minerals.  The seven minerals found in Amethyst Cacoxenite are: amethyst, quartz, rutile, smokey quartz, goethite, lepidocrocite, and sometimes hematite. 

Cacoxenite is widely understood to be a stone of Ascension and enhances all spiritual paths to that effect.  It takes you deeply into soul memories which allow healing of past life experiences, and sets the stage for the removal of every day fear or blocks that interfere with your ability to work with higher vibrations.  This stone will bump you up to the next level and open paths to higher frequencies and dimensions. As your consciousness expands, Spirit informs the body of cellular memories ready to be integrated with the conscious mind for release or acceptance. Welcome to your next level!

Cacoxenite opens the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, allowing new (to you) highly-charged spiritual information to be received and integrated. Its vibration is a compilation of seven minerals that work together to create an extraordinary rite of passage for your Ascension Process. Raising consciousness, this stone awakens latent memories of your connection with Source and lovingly reconnects the gateway to the universal palette, reminding you that each moment is divinely perfect. 

From The Crystal Bible 2, "Psychologically, it is helpful for overcoming fear and clearing stress, harmonizing personal will with the higher self and accentuating the positive in all that you do.  Cacoxenite assists in releasing inhibitions and restrictions.  If apparently insurmountable problems confront you, Cacoxenite creates a peaceful space to withdraw into, encouraging you to see events in a positive light."

Author’s note:  We purchase our Cacoxenite from the same Brazilian gentleman who supplied Melody with this amazing mineral combination she trademarked as Super Seven. In our attempt to operate in integrity, we choose not to use the name, Super Seven, although it has become common practice in our industry to do so. Having said that, our material comes from the same mining area in Espirito Santo, has the seven minerals present and is a highly-charged ascension stone.  



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