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Candelles Handmade Soy Candle

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CANDELLES are all natural soy candles packaged in a no-nonsense jar, and created with love in eastern Pennsylvania.

The girls from Candelles say this about their line, "We believe in the simplicity of life while still keeping it full of fun and beauty. You will find the same ideals in our candles as well -- an all natural soy wax blended with only natural, phthalate free fragrance oils, no additives at all. Leaving the fun and beauty part to our labels, our designs have bursts of colors that vary from scent to scent."

Tushita Heaven carries six scents, and you may choose yours from the drop down menu.


CABIN GETAWAY is a lovely mix of fragrances for a true, cozy, vacation. Spending some quiet nights in a warm cabin with a fire going, maybe baking up some delicious treats even. And if you can't get away, it's the perfect substitution at home!

top - cinnamon bark
middle - bayberries, cranberries
base - orange zest

The candle comes in a 9oz. sized jar and has a burn time of 40-80 hours.


LAVENDER SAGE is a delightfully earthy and floral fragrance. When you need to wind down after a long day at work (or from the kids!), grab a bath and light this candle. Pure magic!

top - 
lavender, fern leaves, lime
middle - sage, pepper, moss, ginger
base - pine, musk, patchouli

The candle comes in a 9oz. sized jar and has a burn time of 40-80 hours.


AMBER & VANILLA is a delicately fresh, and gorgeous blend of fragrances. It is a great unisex candle that you won't be able to get enough of!

top - amber, oakmoss, galbanum
middle - bergamot, violet
base - vanilla, musk

The candle comes in a 9oz. sized jar and has a burn time of 40-80 hours.


SWEET TOBACCO  candle is filled with nostalgia and a touch a sweetness. Similar to the scent of a tobacco pipe, this fragrance will take you back to days spent with Grandpa as a kid. A perfect manly fragrance!

top - fig, mandarin orange, tarragon
middle - rose, honey, osmanthus
base - caramel, amber, musk, patchouli

The candle comes in a 9oz. sized jar and has a burn time of 40-80 hours.



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  1. Maintain your wick – Your wick should be only 1/4" long every time you light your candle
  2. Create a large melt pool – Soy wax is considered "memory wax" and will only burn enough around as per the first time you light your candle. So, make sure the first time you light your candle you don't blow it out until there is a significant melting pool diameter. If you do not, your melt pool will never go past the diameter of the first burn and can cause your candle wick to "drown" and no longer light. To accomplish this, we recommend burning your candle for a minimum of one hour during it's initial lighting.
  3. Be cautious – Never burn your candle in an unattended area. Keep away from items that can catch fire. Do not burn for more than four hours at a time. Candle jar WILL get hot, be careful when touching. Keep away from children and animals.


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