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Third Eye, Throat, High Heart (Thymus)
Astrological Sign:
Numerical Vibration:
Number 5
3 - 4 Hardness
Teal, Blue, Sometimes White

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Cavansite Crystal in Matrix - CL1

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Cavansite Crystal in Matrix

1" x 1.25" x 1"

This sparkly deep blue cavansite rosette sits atop a matrix of white heulandite.  This prismatic crystal is now considered rare, and is only found in a few locations world-wide.  This specimen is from Poona, India.

Cavansite works with all the higher chakras, opening channels that connect us to interdimensional layers. It helps us build relationships with our guides and higher-self, and assists with astral travel. It is a helpful tool in discovering Karmic influences that affect your life, integrating the past memories and experiences with the present.  It helps you discern what to let go of and what to work with in order to harmonize past-present and future. It promotes deep acceptance of self.  Charoite deepens dreams, leaving us with vivid recall so we can explore their meaning.  If we connect those discoveries to our personal journey, we find a greater understanding of our human path and spiritual development.  If you are seeking higher levels of learning, this stone may help you achieve that goal.

Working with Cavansite will help induce a bright outlook on life and encourages us to enjoy the process of self-discovery.  It teaches how to be very comfortable with ourselves and appreciate each moment as it unfolds.  When used for inner reflection, it can assist those who seek to disperse old patterns of trauma, allowing us to clear those patterns and accelerate personal self-growth.  Cavansite is a tool that will help us ‘keep it real.’  It instills intelligent careful thought, inner reflection and promotes joyful enthusiasm, while revealing practical, straightforward solutions.  Many find their self-respect deepening as a result of working with this mineral.

From The Crystal Bible 2, "Psychologically, this life-affirming stone [Cavansite] brings optimism and inspiration into your world.  A self-reflective stone that assists in going deep within, it redresses destructive behavior or ingrained thought patterns, enabling you to be comfortable in your physicality and encouraging self-respect."

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