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Erica Kathleen


Erica Kathleen speaks of her evolution as an artist:

"...After I left my 18 year abusive marriage, my art began to change . Instead of painting the pretty things I saw (which I now know was a way for me to distract myself from the horror of my reality),  my art started to become more like entries in my private journal.  With the paint, I allowed myself to go deep, sit with the pain, and work through my [stuff ]..  Each brushstroke was a release of my innermost, buried feelings, fears, & hurts. Paint held me in a safe space, & took me deeper than any words ever could.

As you may gather from my paintings, I've been through some pretty dark [stuff ]. 

Somewhere along the lines, friends saw my work & were touched by it, often to the point of tears.

I soon realized that, even though our circumstances, or the details of our stories may be different, the core emotions and hurts we have, are so very much the same.

When I began to see the impact my art was having on others, & that they were using it as a tool in their own healing, I decided it was time to share my work with the world." 

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