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All Chakras
Astrological Sign:
Aries & Scorpio
Numerical Vibration:
Numbers 2 & 88
7 Hardenss
Clear, White
No Cautions

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Faden Quartz - 3572N

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Faden Quartz Specimen

Size: 45.7 gr

2.5" x 1.75" x .5"

Faden Quartz, (pronounced fah-den)

Also known as Tabby Crystal 

Faden Quartz is a tabular shaped crystal, which is identified by the milky white line that runs through it, end-to-end, often in or near the center of one of the tabs.  This line is thought to be a reflection of our silver cord. Tabby Crystals usually have one or more notches along the edge, which activate when rubbed with a fingernail, presenting opportunities to awaken deeply seeded Truth.

Faden Quartz is a seeker of Truth, helping us successfully accept the laws of the Universe. It is very useful in astral travel.  The white line keeps our etheric body linked with our physical during travel, and keeps us safe while out-of-body. It keeps the auric field clean. This stone allows you travel inter-dimensionally, gaining knowledge and awareness along the way.  

 Faden Quartz helps activate other crystals, creating a blanket of radiating frequencies attuned to learning and acceptance. The milky growth that runs from edge to edge on the face represents the path of communication we have with another person, making it useful for healers who offer distance session, as it maintains a strong connection with the client. The line may influence our need to make a split in a relationship. If that is the case, Faden Quartz helps us work through the change with a clear heart and mind.

 As a Quartz crystal, Faden Quartz is a great conductor and transmitter of energy. Working with all chakras, it allows the mind and body to calibrate energetically with the upper realms, enhancing spiritual growth and development, intuitive insight and communication. It clears the meridians, calibrates the chakras, and aligns mind-body-spirit.  Faden Quartz is able to instill deep attachment to and understanding of Mother Earth, offering healing when placed with intention upon areas that are distressed.

From The Crystal Bible, "This crystal unifies the self, encouraging fragmented soul parts to reintegrate ...this stone provides protection during journeying. Psychologically, if you are undergoing intense trauma, Faden Quartz gives you the strength to carry on."


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