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Heart Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Leo, Virgo
Numerical Vibration:
Number 7
2.5 - 4 Hardness

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Garnierite Free Form EE3

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Garnierite Free Form

4" x 4" x 2.75"

weight: 2.1 Lbs

This beautiful garnierite slab is perfect for use as an intention altar, a base for a small grid, a backdrop for other crystals or simple decor.  It arrives with an acrylic stand. These slab shapes are often referred to as slices.  It is polished front and back with lovely color zoning on both sides. The edges have remained raw and unpolished.

Garnierite is a serpentine mineral rich in nickel ore and potassium silicates. The beautiful green hues are created by the nickel ore, ranging from teal to yellow greens to deep green.   It is often referred to as green moonstone because of the surface shimmer, but is technically not a moonstone. 

Garnierite is a stone of acquisition, playing a major role in the manifestation process.  Not only does it help you dream big, but it gives you the self-love required to know you deserve to dream big. Labeled as “a stone of acquisition” melody, it allows good things to come to you, paving the way for your dreams to become physical reality.  It increases your luck, and your ability to win, and may increase assets.   Become your own advocate knowing you deserve to acquire what you wish. 

Garnierite gives you the courage to recognize that you are enough, teaching you to embrace your our own divine-self. A stone of love, it opens the heart, removes judgmental thoughts, jealous tendencies and gives you a clear view of how to turn those negative qualities into positive actions. Do you ache to see your true essence? Garnierite can help take you there as you celebrate the winning qualities you hold within.  It is your birthright to wish for and achieve everything.

By establishing a mindset of great self-esteem, Garnierite promotes independence, allowing those who have felt alone or overburdened  to have the confidence to look to a more fulfilling and brighter future.

From Love is in the Earth, Garnierite has been used to stimulate and to activate the heart chakra and to support healing on all levels via the heart center.  Allowing for the love of the universe to permeate the entire cellular structure of the subject. It has also further acted to prompt one to have the qualities of a friend: honor without vanity, generosity without any condescension, humor without malice, and courage without cruelty." 

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