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Gem Elixirz


Gem Elixirz are created from the highest quality of natural essential oils and semi-precious gemstones.  Natural essential oils are used to create these products.  There are no synthetic versions in any gem Elixirs.  The gemstones found within the aromatherapy spray bottles are the same gemstones used in making the energy bracelets.  They are pre-drilled and ready for you to make into your own custom jewelry.  Miron Violet glass bottles and jars are used, which strongly protect the essential oils and holds the highest energy vibration,  thereby delivering the products in their optimal state – something next to magical.  We invite you to try one of these amazing products today and see for yourself. 

Founder, Dr. East Haradin says this about gem Elixirz, "I have a genuine passion for helping people achieve happiness and reach their highest potential.  I feel most alive when I’m teaching, speaking and creating products and workshops that empower people.  I am touched on a daily basis by the testimonials I receive.  People report to me things like: they finally get asked out by someone they have known for years, get promotions, sleep better than they have in years, conceive after years of trying, feel healed from trauma, finally finish projects they have been putting off and ace tests. I hope you will try some of our products and bring magic back into your life!"