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Third Eye & Crown Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Cancer, Sagittarius
Numerical Vibration:
Number 9
7 Hardness
Purple, Green

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Grape Agate Specimen - A-1

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Grape Agate Crystal Cluster

5" x 3.25" x 3"

We LOVE Grape Agate! This piece is an absolute STUNNER! The "wow-factor" is off the charts with the beauty of this work of natural wonder.

Grape Agate is a fairly recent botryoidal chalcedony discovery in Indonesia, emerging into the market in 2017. Botryoidal is the description given when clusters of nodules have formed together to resemble grapes.  To date, there has only been one source location found, causing grape agate to be considered rare. The colors range from lavender to deep purple, with an occasional find of green.  Bi-color grape agate is considered to be the most desirable and is certainly the most uncommon. 

Grape Agate links the third eye and crown chakras, creating a smooth pathway to higher spiritual realms.  As we download and stream universal intelligence, it manifests as consciousness awareness, unifying body-mind-spirit. When used in meditation, this mineral breaks down barriers, revealing hidden soul mysteries that now unpacked, will allow us to become fully integrated into our journey. It instills internal stability and encourages us to view our place in the world with mature pragmatism.  It is a soulful stone, instilling peaceful calm as it catapults us to new levels of growth.

Grape agate is a lovely dream enhancer.  If you are one who dreams vividly, place it on your bedside table. It will help you understand the images of the dreams, assisting you in using those discoveries to unfold layers of self - yet undiscovered. It is a stone of illumination and vision.  We recommend grape agate for mediums and psychics because it is gracefully adept at opening the paths of communication and inspiring vivid insights into other realms.  It is equally as important for any practitioner in service to others, or individual seeking to illuminate their path to the upper frequencies. 


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