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Hackmanite Obelisk -7.8

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Hackmanite Obelisk

1.5" x 4" x 1.5"

Hackmanite is one of the rare minerals that display tenebrescence, which means it changes color when exposed to sunlight, bringing hidden or soft tones to the surface.  Sun exposure increases the pink/purple hues dramatically and the crystal will hold that vibrancy for many hours.   A fun piece of trivia is that tenebrescence never wears out unless the stone is somehow heated unnaturally.  This mineral also fluoresces when lit up with UV light, with same lasting color change effects.

Hackmanite wields magic in other ways too.  It is an important bridge between the mind and Spirit, lifting us into our sub-conscious and opening the door to our “higher-self” where eternal knowledge is stored.  The vibrant upward energetic surge this crystal creates is like a beacon of Light that you can’t help but follow.  It helps us accept the direction we must follow when asking that our active mind align with our spiritual course.  It allows us to “see” the way as it suppresses the constant disruptive chatter we create…the distractions we adopt that prevent us from achieving our dreams. Be all that you can be, know you belong here and that you are a spiritual being integrating the human experience.  Allow the vibrant colors of the crystal to remind you that your own colors are emerging and you deserve to be in full bloom.

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