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Root Chakra, Crown Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Numerical Vibration:
Master Number 33
5.5 - 6 Hardness

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Ilvaite Specimen - E

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Ilvaite Specimen

pronounced: ill-va-ate

2.2 oz

2" x 1" x 1"

Like all black minerals, Ilvaite protects and grounds, creating a safe space.  But it also has some other very interesting energetic values which set it apart from other dark gemstones.  It is a stone of truth, but not in the sense that it wants to teach us that. Instead, it reminds us how precious we are. It filters the internal chaos that bogs us down, allowing us to tap into the deep recesses of our psyche to illuminate and refine our private perceptions.  Ilvaite grows independently between masses of other minerals, as though it is suspended between worlds, acting as a conduit from one to another.  If you are at a crossroads, this mineral may help you sort out how to proceed by illuminating the truth of your own agenda, be it positive or unwise. It reveals and supports the wise choice.

Resonating with both the root and crown chakras, Ilvaite grounds and protects while connecting us to higher realms, through the heart of hearts. (the higher self).  It instills resounding patience as it guides us through our shadows, revealing lighter childlike aspects.  It ignites joy, confidence and creativity. It shows us how to embody the cycles of life, helping us to appreciate the moment, and live respectfully with impermanence. This is a tool for harmony, deep acceptance and understanding of ourselves and others.

Ilvaite has vertical striations which look similar to epidote and somewhat like black tourmaline.  It can appear very black, or in certain lights, extremely dark green. It was originally discovered on the Island of Elba off the west coast of Italy.  Our prismatic specimens have natural terminations.  It is a rare find, and a stone uncommonly found in most rock shops. It is spendy because it is rare.

Written by Dawn Hall: When I sat with this mineral, I felt my energy gather quickly in a swirling pattern and move into my core, creating a buzz through my entire body, intensifying in my head and above my crown.  Then I experienced a gentle and pervasive calm which carried me to emotional contentment.  It was a strange feeling being pulled toward the earth, up to the heavens but ultimately spinning back to my center where the energy felt strongest.  It’s as though the stone was reminding me that I am all of the universal truths bundled together into a solid body. I felt the honesty of that moment as though there was nothing left to discover. I have rarely held a gemstone that created such a strong sense of wholeness.

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