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Root Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Libra, Pisces
Numerical Vibration:
Number 5
6.5 to 7 Hardness
Dark and light green, black

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Kambaba Stone Sphere - B

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Kambaba Stone Sphere

Also known as Crocodile Stone

Quality: B

Size: 3"

Kambaba Stone vibrates with earth energy, taking you back to the beginning of time and memories of all that is.  It is comprised of stromatolites, an algae fossil, thought to be one of the oldest known fossil forms on the planet.  The orbicular patterns swirling upon the surface are immediately calming and centering, grounding you through your heart to the very heart of mother earth where ancient memories dwell.

Kambaba can assist in connecting to the nature divas and agricultural endeavors. It is a gentle stone, encouraging methodical steady growth. Peace and tranquility fill your aura as you hold Kambaba, as it is extremely nurturing.  It promotes creative energy, endurance, observation and patience, which can give you a jump-start toward new endeavors.  It removes fear and bolsters the courage to become all you can be, even when much of your talent has lain dormant, forgotten, or undiscovered by you.  Kambaba can bring hidden those talents to the surface and expose the creative edge within you.

Take action, have courage, check in with your heart to review your next steps.  Mediate with Kambaba to remember your alignment with the earth and your soul’s mission here on the planet.

Here's What Judy Hall say about Kambaba Stone from The Crystal Bible 3, "Kambaba Jasper resonates with the oldest part of the brain stem and the autonomic process of the body.  Placed in the hollow at the base of the skull, it removes blockages and programs that have been deeply ingrained and encourages assimilation of new patterns."

 From Love is in the Earth, "Kambaba stone is the guardian of the forest, an energy both vivifying the power of nature and promoting growth in all areas of one\'s can bring stability and calm during meditative \'whirling\' activities and has provided information concerning the "secrets" of the dervishes."

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