I am a passionate crystal intuitive who is enthusiastic in my studies of crystals, spirituality and tea! My interest in crystals all began when starting on a journey of personal empowerment and was looking for a physical effigy of these new commitments to self-love. A beautiful Lithium Quartz and Blue lace Agate found me soon after, and it sparked an instant connection and desire to dive deeper with how crystals can help heal our lives. I started regularly working with crystals in 2017 on the retail floor of Tushita Heaven. Since then, my knowledge, intuition and personal experience has connected many Tushita Heaven customers to the perfect stone for their journey. Stepping into a teaching role for the first time, I am ready to share tips for developing your own crystal intuition, all of the basics in crystal maintenance and how to work crystals into your regular self-care routine. I’ve been told my passion is contagious, and I truly care to assist individuals in connecting and experiencing the energy of crystals in their own unique way.


If we all have an energy field, we can all do energy work! I look forward to sharing space with you

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