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Heart Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Numerical Vibration:
Number 6
7 Hardness
Lavender, clear, white

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Lithium Point - 2-B

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Lithium Quartz Point

1.5" x 1" x 1"

This little point has a few inclusions with nice purple-pink lithium saturation.

Lithium Quartz is a soothing stone known primarily known for relieving anxiety and depression. Lithium carrying minerals form beautiful pinkish phantoms inside Clear Quartz, creating a lovely combination of master-healing quartz and peacefully calm Lithium. This combination forms a palpable healing nectar, relieving stress, emotional constriction, grief and anger, while encouraging growth and spiritual awareness. 

Lithium Quartz resonates mostly with the heart chakra, but opens all the chakras, allowing our true essence to emerge and self-realization to occur. It allows access to memories of past lives that may restrict growth in this one, bringing to light events and actions that contribute to emotional distress caused from deeply underlying past-life issues.

Awareness is strength.  Understanding the impact of past-lives can be an awakening, placing elusive emotional trauma into context, which relieves guilt associated with socially awkward behaviors or reactions.  relieving emotional conflict helps soothe phobias and anxiety.

While Lithium Quartz helps uncover latent symptoms, allowing us to address old issues, it is also a stone that causes us to operate from the moment, allowing for a centered, balanced approach to our daily activities. Its calming effects helps ease daily stress, relieve depression, clear addiction or addictive behavior and assists in addressing insomnia. It helps us understand how to release expectations and attachments to outcome, soothing the nerves and calming the chattering monkey mind. It balances left-right brain.

Lithium Quartz heals the old and the new, aligns the mind-spirit and offers solutions to emotional stress.  This is a powerful stone that comes in various colors, ranging from pinks, to lilac and occasionally, almost a purple red.

From The Crystal Bible, "Lithium Quartz is a natural antidepressant.  Its powerful healing energies gently lift the conditions underlying depression to the surface, neutralizing ancient anger and grief.  It can reach back into past lives to dissolve the roots of the emotional dis-ease that is pervading the present life."

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