Sagittarius Sun, Virgo Ascendent, Cancerian Moon,
I also have Mercury in Capricorn and Mars, Neptune and my North Node all in Scorpio. At times, I feel it is important to let people know, in advance,
“who they are getting”

After this many years of self exploration,
I consider myself a mystic, a mother and a motivator. I have never given a whole lot of thought to becoming any of these things, however I recognize them as a natural part of who I am. I believe our true nature is our most enjoyable state of being. We, as humans, just don’t do enough of it.
At this point in my life, with Father Time suggesting I take a look at the value I am giving to my life, I am inquiring “How can I infuse each of these qualities with a higher level of energy, with the intention to leave something mindful and meaningful to the world and my personal lineage?
This inquiry stirs my soul and activates my desire to thrive. I have never experienced a better feeling than this. It is the feeling of childhood, passion
and wisdom all wrapped up in the belief of endless possibilities.

My Career:
Since the age of 18 I have been in the wellness field.
I began as an aerobics instructor with Jane Fonda videos and brightly colored leg warmers. I went on to become a personal trainer, a substance abuse counselor, a massage therapist, a Reiki practitioner, a Clinical Nutritionist, a yoga instructor and ultimately a metaphysician with a focus on the integration and balance of mind, body and spirit as a way of living authentically.
My Spiritual path has always been front and center. I began reading astrology at 8 years old and couldn’t wait for the next issue of Man, Myth and Magic to come out. I studied many forms of metaphysics including dream interpretation, psychometry, Huna (Hawaiian Spirituality), Numerology and The Tarot with well known and highly respected Spiritual Teacher, Loretta Grabowski, from Lake George NY.
Loretta ordained me as a Priestess, a Hierophant and a non-denominational minister. I have studied Alchemy as a method of personal transformation and after 3 years of training and a year of apprenticeship, Loretta gifted me her course. I, in turn, promised to speak Her name as I taught it.

Menu of Services:

Nutrition ~ Lets make this easy

Our first visit is where we get to know each other.
You will receive a complete nutritional assessment using the technique of applied kinesiology also known as muscle testing. This technique allows the body to indicate any areas where nutritional support may be needed.
We will discuss lifestyle, identify 3 measurable improvements that you would like to experience within 30, 60 and 90 days and together we will create a plan that compliments your lifestyle.
All sessions are focused on nutrition for optimal wellness and function.
Common symptoms associated with nutritional deficiency are insomnia, anxiety, depression, digestive distress, allergy type symptoms, inflammation, fatigue, inconsistent weight,
poor concentration. Irritability, low resistance to every day stress, lack of desire or motivation.
Whole food supplementation may be offered as a choice and you are welcome to bring with you any
nutrition you are currently taking for testing.
I also offer specific programs for the prevention and recovery from substance dependency.
Initial Visit ~ 60 minutes $60
Follow up visit in person ~ 30 minutes $45
Follow up phone session ~ 30 minutes $30
*sliding scale and family plans are available upon request.

Tarot and Numerology:
How to live according to our True Nature
In these sessions you will discover your lifetime Tarot Archetype as well as your supporting “cast of characters.” These are the cards that you carry throughout your lifetime and show you the natural gifts, abilities and challenges that are on your path. In your reading you will see your family placement, how you relate to people in your life and how you may be able to reframe relationships that are challenging.
This can also include relationships with people who have passed over.
Uncovering our true nature often validates our sense of self and can infuse us with a new and exciting desire to express ourselves more authentically and have a really good time doing it.
90 minute reading $90
60 minute reading $60
30 minute phone session $30
2 ~ 3 hour group Reading ( 3 to 6 people) $30 per person

Strong Enough to Change Your Mind ~ The Abracadabra Way
Written and facilitated by Lori Mershon
Strong enough to change your mind is a 12 week course on language, specifically the language we use on a daily basis, silently and aloud, to ourselves and others and how this language is creating the life we are currently living.
This course examines The 12 Laws of Karma as a moral construct and includes the practice and proof of The Law of Attraction.
I recently facilitated this program at a Substance abuse recovery center.
The experience was one I will always remember and I look forward to continuing to offer this course to this demographic.
This course is offered in individual sessions along with a monthly group session.
This entire 12 week course is $369 which includes all individual sessions as well as a monthly group session
Flexible payments are available.

Please feel free to contact me for more information and to schedule a session.
Lori Mershon
(518) 538-3381.