Mel Kearney 

My spiritual journey and healing path has been a tremendous learning experience. I am thankful for all I have learned and experienced and the people who have helped me and taught me along my journey.  Now, I want to share what I have learned using Mel's Magic to help others engage with the ideas, tools, and practices that allow us to help ourselves along our journey. I enjoy teaching others to learn about themselves and their own learning and life. I hope to empower people to be lifelong learners. I strongly believe that our healing and spiritual journey begins with knowing ourselves and valuing ourselves on our journey. The classes we offer, the services we provide, and the guidance we give is all directed towards that aim. We are all connected! I hope to reconnect mysticism and empiricism, intuition and logic. I believe that it is important to learn and to teach mystical knowledge as well as
empirical knowledge. With Mel's Magic, I hope to do just that! Over the past 35 years, I have taught in elementary classrooms through
graduate classes, community colleges and career and tech education, with a primary emphasis on mathematics and mathematical learning. My
graduate studies centered on learning and teaching and curriculum
development. I am beyond excited to now focus my learning and
specializations into helping others learn and be learners on their intuitive
and spiritual development paths through our Resilience and Growth


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contact Mel: https://tinyurl.com/melsmagic