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All Chakras, but specifically the Heart, Third Eye & Crown Chakras
Astrological Sign:
Numerical Vibration:
Number 6
5 to 6 Hardness
Common while supplies last
May Contain Aluminum
Elixir Qualities:
Unsafe For Direct Method Elixirs

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Moldavite Faceted Rondelle Bead Necklace

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Moldavite Faceted Rondelle Bead Necklace

Sterling Silver lobster claw closure, strung on beading wire.

Length: adjustable from 17" - 19" 

This necklace is constructed of 90 moldavite faceted rondelle beads well matched in color. Treat yourself to something extraordinary.

Moldavite is a form of glass Tektite that is only sourced from the Moldau Valley in The Czech Republic.  The forest green color is grounding, soothing and enchanting, and the little wrinkles or folds along the surface are exclusive to this mineral, a result of liquid glass solidifying in the earth elements.  It is immediately captivating and magnetic in its ability to draw you in. It opens channels to other dimensions and easily downloads thoughts and spiritual knowledge directly from the Ascended Masters, but the mineral is actually one of other worlds.  It streams energetic vibrations from extra-terrestrial realms.  Those who have strong connections to the ET’s are comforted and illuminated by this energy.

Moldavite creates a heart-warming sense of ‘home’, comforting those who struggle in this lifetime. Indeed, not everyone resonates with this Tektite, but those who do are awestruck by the influence it has on their physical being as well as their energy field.  It creates such a strong visceral connection, that people are often brought to tears when holding it.  Moldavite lovers find a sense of kinship and acceptance while in its presence.  It opens the heart, warms the soul, acts as a strong spiritual transmitter and clears and protects the aura.

Moldavite is a spiritual Ascension stone that brings in very high vibrational information, and has no limiting restrictions on spiritual growth.  It transcends boundaries that may have previously prevented you from accessing those higher frequencies and works through your Crown Chakra to introduce those messages.  Because it such a high frequency stone that accelerates Ascension, it is recommended that you begin working slowly with Moldavite so you can assimilate the energy at a comfortable, non-disruptive pace.

Moldavite allows you to research your life-path.  It helps you look back through past-lives, or forward to future ones so you may see the unfolding of your karmic blueprint.  This stone will awaken purpose, make sense of confusion, and help you find answers to your relationship with the great cosmic mysteries.

From The Crystal Bible, "Physically, Moldavite may trigger a huge rush of energy through the body that has powerful metaphysical effects.  It 'downloads' information from the Akashic record and the 'Light body', which then has to be processed and made conscious.  This process may take some time but the process accelerates spiritual growth and the raising of personal vibrations."

From The Book Of Stones, "Moldavite offers an energy of spiritual protection.  When one is in resonance with its high-frequency vibrations, negative energies and entities cannot connect with or hang onto one's field.  In alignment with its transformational properties, Moldavite tends to disconnect one from unhealthy attachments and magnetize the persons and situations one most needs for evolutionary progress."

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