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Nancy Walter

Nancy’s approach to art flows naturally out of her long career in graphic design and illustration. Balanced color and expressive patterns are arranged just so in design, and are set free in her art. She is a graduate of Dawson College, studied fine arts at Concordia University in Montreal and has studied at the School of Visual Arts in Tangier, Morocco and in New York, New York.

Artist Statement:  "My work expresses the connectedness of my design background, my spiritual life and my need to make images. The perfect harmony of these three parts is evident in the overlapping colors and patterns that inform the page. The surprise of lifting paper from the printing plate for the first peek of revealed magic, excites and inspires me. The alchemy created with ink, paper, collage, and color the plate takes on over time are part of the fun and the play of printmaking. It’s an act of letting go. I often discard any road map as I begin the art making process. I allow the creative spirit to flow through me. The more open, flexible and fluid I remain, the more powerful the image becomes. I am drawn to the east, the sand countries and their exotic influence on what I print."