1995 B-1
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Root Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Leo, Virgo
Numerical Vibration:
Number 5, Number 77
7 Hardness
Brown, Red, Yellow

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Petrified Wood Slab B-1

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Petrified Wood Slab

2.5" x 3.5" x .5"

Petrified wood is an excellent ancestral healer as it holds such ancient energy that it easily takes us back to our roots and our own beginnings.  It is helpful in our healing journey to consider the markers we carry from past life events and karma that has not been balanced yet.  When we heal today, we not only heal ourselves in the moment, but we heal the ancestral generations that came before us and future generations to come.  Petrified wood allows us to travel into those old stories and discover the root of the problem, the effect it has had on our current life, and the solution we might choose to adopt. This is all part of cellular healing. 

Petrified wood helps us celebrate impermanence.  We are evolving and changing, but holding together just as this ancient wood does.  We heal and grow with the help and support of others, just as the wood became preserved with the aid of sediment and time.  Allow your own fragile cracks to fill with loving support of those around you, look to a brighter today, knowing you will overcome your obstacles.

Petrified wood formed 250 to 266 million years ago when felled trees were buried in water slogged volcanic ash or heavy watery earth which carried mineral rich sediments like silica and chalcedony.  Buried in water, and deprived from oxygen, decomposition slowed down and sediments filled spaces and cavities in the wood. Over millions of years, the sediments agitated, or turned to rock.  Most petrified wood in the market today comes from Madagascar or Australia, but The USA is host to a vast petrified wood forest in Arizona.

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