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Pink Amethyst Flame A-1

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Pink Amethyst Flame

2.5" x 5" x 1.75"

Lovely flame for a lovely soul. I LOVEEE this piece. The energy it emanates is such a smooth, calming, and expansive energy.  

Pink Amethyst carries the vibrations of purple amethyst with additional focus on softening the heart.  It holds the space for you to blend the high vibration of purple amethyst as you settle comfortably in your heart center. The pink color varies from soft pink to reddish purple. The color is created by small inclusions of hematite, iron and possibly magnesite, depending on the geography of the location.

Author’s note:  Having worked with crystals for two decades, I question whether these geodes are truly amethyst.  The composition looks more like quartz to me.  Many have calcite deposits within, which can appear in both amethyst and quartz.  Either way, the energy is really great and worth trying.

Amethyst is an exceptional stone for overcoming addictions and sloughing off unwanted behaviors.  Extremely calming, it opens a gateway for spiritual balance and access to memories of blissful Divine perfection.  It stills the mind, incorporating a peaceful state of pragmatic mindfulness with higher dimensional learning.  While Amethyst lifts us up, it also has the ability to bring on a gentle grounding effect so that a feeling of being balanced and present reigns.

Amethyst opens the Crown Chakra and creates a pathway for access to higher vibrations. It instills the ability to act responsibly and to honor the vibration of love for All That Is.  Because of its serene nature, Amethyst encourages selflessness and helps one  to release anger and fear.  In meditation, it shows one the bigger picture and instills deep acceptance and understanding for the laws of the Universe.



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