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Pink Chalcedony Specimen B-1

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Pink Chalcedony Specimen

3" x 1.5" x 2.75"

Pink Chalcedony is one of the most difficult colors to find. This piece comes from the mid-west, USA

Pink Chalcedony nourishes the heart, guiding you gently into its most tender chambers. The gentle nature of this pink mineral allows us to begin unfolding the protective barriers we put in place, but does not force or drive healing. It allows us to access deep emotional issues which have been stored in the baggage closet for too long. Tushita Heaven loves to call pink chalcedony the release stone because of its ability to lift our suppressed troubles to the forefront for review. We have the opportunity to observe ourselves in the moment then decide how to move through the difficulty or pain. If you have old matters of the heart you want to clear, try meditating with pink chalcedony for several weeks, or carry a piece with you daily. It will help to empower you. This crystal also reveals how the world views us, which enables us to practice authenticity, a very powerful attribute in this transparent world we now live in.

Chalcedony is a natural form of silicon dioxide and a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. It is gentle, nurturing and a bit protective, absorbing negative energies. It promotes calm emotions and helps transmute negativity into positive joy.

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