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Pink Nirvana Quartz - A

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Pink Nirvana Quartz Specimen

Growth Interference Quartz

Ice Quartz

5.5" x 2.25" x 2.25" 

Nirvana Quartz moves us inwardly to our quietest place, deepening meditations with ease. It unlocks the barrier between our resistant mind and our divine essence, allowing us to glimpse that elusive state of being known as enlightenment.  The deeper Nirvana Quartz takes us, the more we are reminded that our soul is always in a state of perfection, contrary to our human need to question it. Releasing the illusions created by our fear, we can reach through the veil, touching the divinity we are aching to remember. This is a powerful stone of ascension, with strong ties to universal consciousness. 

Nirvana quartz comes from the Himalayan mountains, rolling up out of the earth as glaciers melt and slide. They began to emerge from the earth in 2006.  Having been buried and frozen for thousands of years, these specimens have experienced dramatic climate changes, causing the etching of the quartz to appear pock marked and gnarly, sometimes looking like strange frozen pieces of ice.  Scars and craters mar its surface. Despite its brutal environment, nirvana quartz survives, continuing to grow and evolve, bearing scars as witness to its powerful resilience.  It is a reflection of how we grow and evolve in the same manner.  We fall down, get up, crash and burn, recover, hurdle over barriers, leave parts of us behind and go at it again. This is why this stone is sometimes known as growth interference quartz.  It is not the prettiest crystal out there, but it will promise to carry you to a high level of personal growth, while soothing the past.  Celebrate your own scarring as you release and heal your wounds with Nirvana quartz.

Because Nirvana Quartz places us so close to Spirit, it helps us realign with our purpose, revealing the truth of our destiny. This pink specimen carries feminine energy which connects us heart to heart with universal love, helping us reach blissful states of internal peace.

From The Crystal Bible 2,  A powerful spiritual-alchemy crystal, Nirvana Quartz is an exceedingly high-vibration stone attuned to the white flame of pure consciousness that facilitates spiritual illumination, opens the soul star chakra and ground those energies into the earth.  Amplifying the flow of ascensions and spiritual energy into the physical and subtle bodies, Nirvana Quartz integrates the lightbody."




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