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Earth Star, Third Eye, Crown
Astrological Sign:
Numerical Vibration:
Number 8
6.5 Hardness
Very Rare
Sahara Desert, Africa

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Prophecy Stone 1.5-2"

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Prophecy Stone (AKA Z-Stone)

1.5" x 1.5" x 2"

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Prophecy stone is an extremely powerful concretion that works energetically from the crown chakra all the way down to the earth star chakra located about 12” into the Earth beneath our feet.  As energy travels through the body, an alignment occurs in all chakras, balancing the subtle bodies.  It works very well with the pineal gland and third eye chakra, enhancing and improving our visionary faculties and deepening our psychic abilities.  Prophecy stone is prophetic, as its name implies.  It can help you envision and interpret events in the future.

Working with Prophecy stone can be challenging in the beginning because the energy can be a bit frenetic and difficult to assimilate.  It’s best to begin working with this mineral slowly at first through meditation.  It is helpful in quieting the mind as it opens the third eye, allowing it to create the rich visionary seat you will learn to appreciate.  A quiet mind and a strong third eye enhance the Ascension process, creating a stronger connection to the Divine. Once you have a feel for the energy of Prophecy Stone, you can begin to introduce it more into your daily routines, carrying it with you as a pocket stone.  Visions and daydreams may become more vivid and your clairvoyance will most likely increase.

Prophecy Stone is a Pseudomorph of Limonite, Hematite after Marcasite or Pyrite and thought to be one of the oldest materials known to man.  A pseudomorph is when a mineral overcomes a hosting mineral, coating it completely, but leaving the shape of the original. In this case the Marcasite or pyrite remains intact, but the mineral has completely changed geologically.

Prophecy Stone is commonly found in the Libyan desert close to where Libyan desert glass is found, but other deposits have been discovered in the White deserts of Egypt and some in the Sahara deserts of Botswana. 

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