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Raku Pottery

Raku Pottery is a type of Japanese pottery that is traditionally hand-shaped.  Low firing temperatures, lead glazes and the removal of pieces from the kiln while still glowing hot produce a finished product that is porous. Each piece of pottery is unique and finishes with variations in color and patterns. These one-of-a-kind art treasures are a favorite among shoppers, both in the store and the Tushita Heaven website. Raku Pottery makes a wonderful gift for yourself or others.

The Raku pottery offered on this site is hand-made by Jeremy Diller and his team.  Raku Potteryworks headquarters ls located in Tecate, CA. Jeremy Diller signs every piece of pottery.

Many of the items listed here arrive in a natural-toned gift box.

Raku Pottery is light sensitive and will fade over time, so be sure not to place your Raku pottery in direct sunlight.

Sometimes cracking of the glaze occurs, or minor fissures appear on the surface of Raku pottery.  This is a normal reaction caused by the rapid change in temperature from a 2000-degree kiln to a 70-degree environment.

* Occasionally, the Raku may emit a mesquite aroma, which fades with time. * Small amounts of ash may be found on the surfaces of the pottery.