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Dawn Hall

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Bonnie Relly 27th Jul 2020

Rose Quartz Description Card

Dawn has created these amazing description cards, with all of the information you want and need! I buy one for each different stone that I purchase. The Crystal Chatter Collection box is a must have, it will organize your cards, and put them at your fingertips! Thank you Dawn!

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Rose Quartz Description Card

( 1 Review )

Rose Quartz Description Card

Learn the Metaphysical Meaning of your healing gemstone using this collectible card created by our own Dawn Hall, who combined many resources, years of experience and her own channeling ability to develop these exceptional energy cards.

This double sided-card 3" x 5" is filled with information to help you align with the energy of your stone. You no longer need to check several resources to find the answer to your questions. Our card contains the metaphysical meaning of the stone, a photo, the associated chakra, numerical vibration, astrological sign, color, hardness, rarity, location and cautions.

A color-coded bar on the card assists in quickly identifying the associated chakra, making access and storage a breeze. Each card is Infused with the energy of the stone making them a useful tool for meditation or healing work as an alternative to the physical stone. If you do not have a specific crystal on hand, but want to work with its energy, use the card instead. You may lay it on your body or hold it in your hand.

The crystal description cards may be collected and stored in our keepsake box (Purchased separately) or given as gifts when you bless a loved one with a stone. In fact, that premise is what originally prompted Dawn to create this line of cards. Tushita’s brick and mortar customers continually asked for written information they could present with their stone when giving gifts, saying, “Please, Dawn, could you figure this out for us? We want to give something pretty with our gifted stones.”  Thus…the crystal chatter collection was born.

Copyright Dawn Hall 2017

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