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Heart Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Taurus, Libra
Numerical Vibration:
Number 7
Brazil, Madagascar

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Rose Quartz Pendulum

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1.75" Rose Quartz Pendulum on metal chain.

6 sided point with beveled top.

Pendulum dowsing is a process for divining information, and may help determine “yes” or “no” answers by observing the swing of the pendulum, which you will establish using the tuning process below.

Dowsing is probably best known as a way to discover water, and was widely used for this purpose in years past, using large rods as divining tools.  Today, healers and energy workers use dowsing pendulums in their practices, but anyone can learn the technique.

Please be aware that careful and proper use of pendulums is key.  One must be grounded, clear, focused, in alignment with God, and your higher-self in order to be in “right” use of power.  These precautions will assist in divining accurate answers

Some basics for using your dowsing pendulum:

  • Anchor your elbow to your side in order to reduce any outside motion your body might make while you “tune “ your pendulum. Your goal is to allow the pendulum to swing without interference from you.


  •  Ask your pendulum, “please show me yes.”  Ask your pendulum, “please show me no.”  The answering swings of your pendulum will usually be a circle or a straight line. The answers are not necessarily intuitive, but are determined by your higher-self, and being guided by your internal divine knowledge.  (We recommend that you check your pendulum for your yes or no answers at the beginning of each session, as the answering swings can vary from day-to-day.)


  •  Be sure that you are grounded, centered, energetically and mentally clear, and that you are in alignment with the highest divine source. Ask that answers from the pendulum are for your best and highest good.


  • When asking questions of the pendulum, ask high- integrity questions, such as, “Is it in my best and highest interest to…” Be very clear and succinct in the way you pose your questions.  If you ask, “Is it in my best and highest interest to have soup for lunch?”  The pendulum will probably swing, “yes” because generally speaking, soup is a good choice.  If you ask, “Is it in my best and highest interest to eat cream of broccoli soup today?”  The answer will more likely to pertain to the moment, and the question for which you seek an answer.

These are some VERY basic recommendations.  Have fun learning to work with your pendulum, but take the process seriously.


Rose Quartz is one of the most popular Heart Chakra stones for those who are seeking unconditional love in their lives.  It can teach you the art of loving yourself, which in turn, allows you to manifest loving relationships with others.  Working with Rose Quartz soothes the soul and heals emotional trauma that may have closed your heart because of past grief or loss.  It can repair damage done by old belief systems that caused you to think you weren’t worthy of love. Sleep with Rose Quartz near your bed or in your pillow case to begin the transition to loving yourself, trusting that love can be present in your life.  As your internal programming changes, be prepared for beautiful loving relationships to come your way.

Sweet and feminine Rose Quartz uncovers emotional wounds, heartache and old programming.  It clears the etheric aura of negative vibrations that may interfere with self-love, reinstates divine knowledge that love is all there is, and allows you to hold that energy within.  This stone works just as well for young people as it does for the more mature.  Every household can benefit from the vibrations of this stone.

From The Crystal Bible, "Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart and the heart chakra, teaching the true essence of love. If you want to attract love, place Rose Quartz by your bed, or in the relationship corner of your home."

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