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Throat Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Numerical Vibration:
Number 5
4.5 - 5 Hardness
Blue, White, yellow

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Scheelite Lace Palm Stone - 3

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Scheelite Lace Flat Palm Stone

Meditation Stone

Large: 3.5" x 2" x 1.5"

Scheelite is helpful in organizing and compartmentalizing thought patterns, showing us how to proceed while adopting a positive attitude. It allows us to acknowledge and accept the ups and downs of our human journey, encouraging us to celebrate the process rather than become mired in the pain of adverse experiences. It mitigates the need to constantly retell a sad story over and over again, helping us release the unhappy experience.  It overlays it with confidence and the ability to seek a positive solution.  This is basically a stone that reworks cellular memory, unfolding the past, or past life memories, overlaying them with affirmative action.

Scheelite connects our ego with our divine purpose, sloughing away unhealthy attitudes. It increases our spiritual flow, working with all chakras, allowing us to become more aware of their functions and needs.  It promotes deep meditation and assists in astral travel.  It quiets the monkey-mind, revealing the beauty of our destiny, allowing us to follow the path that feeds our soul.

From The Crystal Bible 3, "This incisive stone turns the head and the mind around.  It is helpful for people stuck in patterns of mental negativity who constantly- by situations and retelling the story - repeat their own and other people's negative experiences.  They anchor the story back in by retelling it after a clearance as though they cannot bear the positive state."

Author’s note: Dawn Hall

Blue Scheelite Lace is fairly new to the market.  These specimens are a mineralogical conundrum.  The creamy tan yellowish stripes on this piece are exhibits of Scheelite.  The blue and white stripes are actually calcite.  In researching the mineral Scheelite we learned that it can appear in varying shades including, yellow, green orange, red, purple and white, which appear in these specimens.  When the mineral began to flood the market a few years ago it was named Lapis Lace Onyx, but in reality, there is no Lapis or Onyx present.  Having said all that, I hope you’re not too confused.  I recommend adding one of these to your collection because regardless of the confusion of its composition, the energy is lovely and uplifting.

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