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Root Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Numerical Vibration:
Number 66
3.5 to 4 Hardness
Black, Brown, Yellow, Gray

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Septarian Nodule Free Form - B

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Septarian Nodule cut base free form

4" x 3.5" x 2" 

1Lb., 2.5 oz

This free form has a small druze pocket, commonly found in septarian jasper.

The colors of the minerals that combine to create Septarian are the essence of Mother Earth.  Brown Aragonite, Yellow Calcite and Gray Limestone form in unique swirling patterns that can resemble Giraffe markings.  The Patterns usually produce seven visual points that show in all directions.  It is a joyful stone that is simultaneously calming and nurturing, and is particularly effective when used in group situations involving intellectual organization.  It brings creative ideas to the surface, giving birth to the unthinkable, revealing how to bring those creative opportunities to life.

Because of its Shamanic grounding nature, Septarian is useful in deep meditations, as it allows you maintain connection to the earth while seeking deeper knowledge of self-healing.  It is able to reveal the nature of dis-ease and gently suggest a new interpretation of good-health.  With patience, flexibility and acceptance, this stone can lead you to a balanced state of well-being.

Septarian is a form of fossil with an interesting story: It formed when sea life, killed during volcanic eruptions, began to decompose, causing a chemical reaction which formed mud balls.  When the sea receded, these mud balls were left to dry out and crack. Benitoite was present in the mud balls, which created a shrinking effect, leaving the cracks inside. Calcite from the decomposing shells worked its way into the cracks, forming calcite crystals.  A thin layer of calcite transformed into aragonite separating the benitoite from the calcite centers, creating the beautiful druze patterns and interiors of these geodes.

From The Crystal Bible 2, "Emotionally nourishing and calming, Septarian is a useful tool for nurturing and caring about others.  Healers can meditate with Septarian for insight into the cause of disease.  This stone is extremely helpful in focusing the body's healing ability and facilitates flexibility of physical movement."

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