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Root Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio
Numerical Vibration:
Number 4
3.5 to 4 Hardness
Black, Silver, Gray

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Shungite Cell Phone Plate

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Round Shungite Cell Phone Plate

This small 1.25" plate has adhesive on the back, allowing you to adhere it to the surface of your phone or laptop.

Shungite is a carbon-based mineral that may be 2 billion years old.  It is found only in Korelia, Russia.

Shungite contains all of the minerals found in the periodic table.  It is grounding, protective and has the ability to shield one from electromagnetic and geothermal energy.  This stone has been studied by scientists who now believe Shungite has the ability to right anything “wrong” in the physical body, making any negative disorder positive.  A detoxifying stone, Shungite has the ability to bolster the immune system, ease headaches, relieve insomnia, improve chronic fatigue, relieve cardiovascular problems, and help reduce symptoms from asthma and arthritis. It is able to recalibrate your entire chakra system.

Shungite is possibly the most important mineral of our times.  It is the most effective mineral at warding off and negating electromagnetic stress.  It is scientifically proven to be effective when placed near computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones and other devices releasing EMFs into your environment. Even a small piece of shungite is helpful, especially if worn on the body.  We recommend placing a large piece near your electrical panels to decrease the effects at the point of entry. 

Shungite is useful as an elixir.  Drinking Shungite infused water is a common way to work with the mineral, but you must be sure the stone used to make the elixir is top quality.   Use stones that are completely polished, showing no unpolished pockets, however small.  When making an elixir from Shungite, it's useful to use stones that do not have a network of veins upon the surface. Elite Shungite is our recommendation for gem waters.

From The Crystal Bible 3, "At the physical level, Shungite transforms water into a biologically active life-enhancing substance, whilst at the same time removing harmful micro-organisms and pollutants. It has a powerful effect on the immune system."

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